West Wales Bass Fishing

West Wales lure fishing guide Tim Harrison takes a look at his 2015 season so far, a season that has been much tougher than he first imagined.

July is often the time when conditions are perfect for targeting bass on the fly explains West Wales bass guide, Tim Harrison.


Grey Mullet 6lb 14oz

Ireland's Copper Coast is famous throughout the world for its bass fishing, however little is known about its superb mullet fishing - Wayne Thomas and friend John Avery head to this famous coastline in search of big grey ghosts.
Wayne Thomas with a nice mullet

It’s not just marks and location that are important in the pursuit of fish, fish behaviour and circumstance also play a big part in when fish will feed, explains Wayne Thomas.


Jig caught cod

Jig fishing fanatic Russ Symons continues his jig fishing series looking at lines, jig rigging and techniques for a successful jigging session.

Wayne Thomas heads to Minehead jumping aboard Osprey for some winter Bristol Channel cod fishing which yields not only cod but rays and conger too.


Wayne Thomas looks at the often forgotten art of matching your tackle correctly to the species you intend to catch. Correctly matching the right tackle to the species can increase your catches many fold.
Shore ballan wrasse rig

WSF takes a step by step look at how to build a shore ballan wrasse rig.


Baiting up a snake launce

Kevin Legge holder of the British Tope record demonstrates how he baits up with top big fish bait, snake launce.
Bass peeler crab bait

A step by step guide to creating a peeler crab bass bait.