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Osprey Open 2014 Report

John O’Connor reports on the 2014 Osprey Open Flatfish Festival.

Rare Almaco Jack caught

Angler, Scott Shepherd captures a rare almaco jack off the coast of Lundy Island.

Huge Conger from Ilfracombe Pier

Barnstaple angler Mark Frith lands one of Devon’s largest authenticated shore caught conger eels, whilst fishing Ilfracombe Pier.

Shore fishing for ballan wrasse

We look at the tackle, techniques and baits needed to target ballan wrasse from the shore.

Shore fishing for rough ground bass

WSF looks at how at fishing for rough ground bass, including technique, tackle and baits.

Shore fishing for surf bass

WSF looks at some of the techniques to fish for surf bass.

Rosslare Small Boats Festival 2014 – part 1

Mike Thrussell Jnr starts a new three part series on the 29th Annual Rosslare Small Boats Festival, one of the longest running and most prestigious small boat angling festivals in Ireland.

Din Tur Flatanger shore fishing festival

Mike Thrussell Jnr heads to mid Norway to cover the inaugural Flatanger Shore Fishing Festival.

Travelling angler

Whilst fishing away from your own grounds can often be productive and expand your angling knowledge, occasionally they don’t always go according to plan explains Wayne Thomas.

How to build a shore ballan wrasse rig

WSF takes a step by step look at how to build a shore ballan wrasse rig.

How to build a rough ground bass rig

WSF takes a step by step look at how to build a rough ground bass rig.

How to build a surf bass rig

WSF takes a look at how to build a surf bass rig.

Sizewell beach sole fishing

Chris Collins takes the From the Waters Edge cameras down to Sizewell Beach, Suffolk in sole fishing.

Ugly Stik Tour round 2 – Plymouth

Following on from their cod fishing adventure in Whitby, the Ugly Stik team and tour moves on to the South West and the productive port of Plymouth, home to Sea Angler 2, owned and skippered by Malc Jones. This time the team are in search of Blue Shark.

Fishing Britain TV – Aberdovey Bass Fishing

Welsh fly fishing expert Hywel Morgan teams up with our very own bass fishing expert and West Wales guide, Mathew Rickard with the intention of catching bass on the fly. But with the weather closing in did they manage to tempt one on the fly or did they have to resort to the lures before the weather and tide forced them in…

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Baiting up a large snake launce

Kevin Legge holder of the British Tope record demonstrates how he baits up with top big fish bait, snake launce.

How to make a peeler crab bass bait

A step by step guide to creating a peeler crab bass bait.

How to bait up with shore crab for smoothhound

A step by step guide on how to prepare shore crab for smoothhound fishing.

Fitting out for saltwater fly fishing

Renowned saltwater fly angler Russell Symons takes a look at all the gear you need to get yourself fully kitted out ready to enjoy one of the most enjoyable and exciting forms of fishing in saltwater!

Night fishing with stick lures

Night bass lure fishing expert, Keith White, continues his night lure series by looking at the best methods to fish with stick lures at night.

Using plugs for night fishing

Night lure fishing expert, Keith White, follows on from his first article on night lure fishing with a look at how to use plugs during the night.

Fladen Maxximus Nano Plus 2.7m 30-80g spin

We take a look at the Fladen Maxximus Nano Plus spinning rod – a lightweight, powerful general purpose spinning rod.

Shore Fishing – A Guide to Cardigan Bay

WSF takes a look at a new book dedicated to shore fishing in Cardigan Bay written by local resident and angler John Mason.

TronixPro HTO Rockfish L Rod

Wayne Thomas reviews the Tronixpro HTO rockfish LRF rod, a cracking rod for a bargain price.

Get your kicks jig fishing – part 1

Russell Symons starts a new series on WSF looking at jig fishing. An exciting form of boat fishing that is deadly for catching big fish over wrecks and fish holding features. In part one, Russell looks at some jigging tactics that work well in UK waters.

Fish feeding factors

It’s not just marks and location that are important in the pursuit of fish, fish behaviour and circumstance also play a big part in when fish will feed, explains Wayne Thomas.

Catching big fish when rough ground fishing

South West contributor, Wayne Thomas reveals the basics for catching big fish from rough ground marks.