Mike Thrussell with species number 110, a Cuckoo Ray

Mike Thrussell heads to the Donegal in the North West of Ireland in search of more species to add to his ever growing tally, can he add species number 110?

Often believed to be a sign of an overfished area, the humble seal is actually a sight to be celebrated explains Welsh Lure Guide, Tim Harrison.

After years of foiled attempts, Mike Thrussell heads to Ireland to try and capture a Gilthead Bream to further add to his all time species list.
Releasing a bass

West Wales bass guide, Tim Harrison looks at the merits of catch and release fishing and argues a more modern approach to C&R is required.
Fixed Spool Braid Trigger

In keeping with our philosophy that you don't have to be a multi-national tackle company to produce innovative tackle, In New Tackle We Trust looks at a new device from angler Den Darkin, the Fixed Spool Trigger.
Louth’s Conor Lally with a fine Irish bass

Jim O'Donnell looks at the success of bass protection in Ireland and how it has spawned a sports fishing bass industry.

West Wales bass angling guide, Tim Harrison looks at bass lure fishing leaders and argues that they are not needed at all...
Mike Thrussell with his blue shark

Mike Thrussell heads to Union Hall, Cork for what turns out to be a halcyon day of fishing, including numerous blue shark and a rare stone basse.

Jim O'Donnell looks at some of the angling opportunities on offer around Courtmacsherry, looking back at some of his recent exploratory and sometimes hair raising angling adventures and the possibilities of 7lb + wrasse and double figure pollack from the shore.
Secret mark mullet fishing

Mike Thrussell heads to a mark he found last year that looked perfect for some mullet action…after months of waiting, he finally gets his chance to fish this new mark.