July is often the time when conditions are perfect for targeting bass on the fly explains West Wales bass guide, Tim Harrison.

Lure angling guide Tim Harrison looks at some key tell tale signs that will help you spot where the bass are feeding.
Bass fishing, Tim Harrison

West Wales Lure Guide, Tim Harrison looks at the new legislation relating to bass and how one day bass could become a recreational angling only species.
The Fiiish Black Minnow fools another bass

Sometimes lures come around that are revolutionary, designed by anglers who think like a fish. Lure distribution guru Nick Roberts describes his life changing, energetic, high octane introduction to the Fiiish Black Minnow, one of the most successful soft plastic lures to hit the lure market in the last few years.
Mostyn early season plaice fishing session

Mike Thrussell heads to North Wales and the Dee Estuary in search of an early season plaice.

West Wales lure guide Tim Harrison encourages you to experiment with your lures and tackle to make the most of your bass lure fishing.

Nick Roberts discusses the frustrations that customers face when they can't find their favourite lures in tackle shops, providing a unique insight into the difficulties of distributing lures from factory to shop.
Tim Harrison with a lure caught bass.

Bass Lure fishing guide Tim Harrison delves into the mysteries of why bass lure fishing is so addictive & how bass can be fooled by plastic lures.

Lure guide Tim Harrison argues that bass don't fight according to their reputation and to ensure maximum sport, scaling down our tackle is the way forward.

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