England Net Silver at Sea Angling Home Internationals

This article was last updated on August 13th, 2014

The Angling Trust Team England Boat Team earned a silver medal in this year’s SALC Sea Angling Home Internationals Boat Championship in Portrush, Northern Ireland fished between the 7th – 9th August 2014.

The varied inshore fishing primarily for dabs, dogfish, gurnard, pollack and wrasse was significantly impacted by the recent arrival of unusually large numbers of mackerel causing frustration amongst the anglers in their attempts to get to the scoring fish below. Despite their presence some 1,200 fish were caught (and returned to the water) over the two day competition.

Day one saw a narrow Irish win with England in second place by some 7%. However, the Irish team dealt with the conditions better to ease away to a 25% win on day two to take the gold, leaving England, Wales then Scotland trailing in their wake.England net silver at sea anglings home internationals

Mike Patten, England Boat Team Manager said “The relatively inexperienced England team of Gareth Croft, Ian McLean, Kev Sampson, Rob Shattock, Steve Batchelor, and reserve Matt Osborne can take great pride though in their performance, demonstrating that the emerging team has the calibre to develop for the future and build on a sound start. This was an excellent performance by the Irish team and a fitting send off for their retiring manager Pat Walsh. His happy and positive approach to life, joviality and dedication to the sport as manager will be sorely missed.”

The Angling Trust and the England Boat team would like to offer their appreciation to the host nation for a well organised event.

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