European Union

The European Commission has today launched proposals for the management of bass stocks within the Atlantic and North Sea Region for 2016. Proposals include a complete ban on both recreational and commercial bass fishing for the first half of 2016 and a one fish per day limit thereafter.
Where have the mackerel gone?

With anglers in many parts of the UK struggling to find good, consistent catches of mackerel, Ian Nesbitt investigates why catches of this once prolific species have diminished in recent years.
European Union

Question and Answers from the EU regarding Bass Management in the European Union.
Boat bass fishing

The Angling Trust goes through the facts in an FAQ about the 3 bass bag limit introduced on the 29th of March.
Frank Mundus on Sharks

A shark angling legend, the late Frank Mundus discusses shark tagging, its merits and dangers.
The skipper measures and tags a blue before return.

Mark Corps gives us a fascinating insight into the Irish Marine Sportfish Tagging Programme.
Releasing a bass

How to handle fish correctly is vitally important for their protection and safety when the intention is to release a catch, we look at how to handle fish.

How to report suspected illegal gill nets in your area.