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Jul 30, 2014
Jan 8, 2011
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Jun 12, 1987 (Age: 27)
Events team

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Jul 30, 2014
    1. brookfisher
      Hi Luke, The Reel arrived today, thanks so much for the 24hr delivery and for the reel case, very handy. Im over the moon with the reel, just spooled it up and cant wait to give it a blast. Luke your a gent, and there are not that many left!!! All the best bud and tight lines.
    2. warriorgunner
    3. richard knight
      richard knight
      hi luke how did it go on sat did u get nething im going to stokes bay friday night if u fancy meeting up hope u didnt get to sun burnt. cheers mate richard
    4. ianstew
      Hi mate the issues I was having with the weights were thati couldn't keep the lead hot enough to keep it flowing. I was melting it over a camping gas cooker. I've hopefully got sorted now with pulleypower. Thanks
    5. Abupro
      No I pass on the hug I'll have a suck though ha
    6. warriorgunner
      oi luke u still sulking? want a hug?
    7. warriorgunner
      got my rods back, bring on the fishing!
    8. warriorgunner
      im going to teach you how to fish if you want
    9. warriorgunner
      love u big ears
    10. warriorgunner
      sorry luke i wont be able to give you any lesson this weekend im busy, but remember my tip, open your eyes when your casting!!! xx
    11. warriorgunner
      how was the wall then?
    12. warriorgunner
      the brazilian is looking rather good, ive shaved it and gelled the end ;)
    13. Abupro
      yet there still better than yours hows the Brazilian ha ha
    14. warriorgunner
      lukes rods are split cane specials and he still fishes with a centerpin reel from the 70's, the 1870's ha
    15. Abupro
      gavs got crap rods
    16. warriorgunner
      can luke catch a fish, the short answer is no lol
    17. warriorgunner
      luke smells of energy drinks
    18. warriorgunner
    19. TonyDay
      Hi Luke,

      Hope you are well and still catching??

      I haven't been out for weeks as working, but have booked Southsea for a short camping session from next Thursday, leaving on Sunday morning. If you fancy a session and the tide times aren't good, please let me know.

      Will probably go out Thursday night although HT is not until 03:30, so wont stay for that, so will probably fish from 10 ish up until about midnight. Saturday is even worse, 04:41 so god, even worse, but will do the same.

      However, will fish all of the afternoon tides, so hopeful armed with rag and crab from Lock Stock and whatever, maybe a better option, so at least can walk a straight line to the beach from the new tent.

      Old tent got trashed some six weeks ago at Pevensey, wind driving rain and leaks saw to that, but caught, so agan hopeful of this weekend.

      Hope to hear from you.

      Regards, Tony
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    Jun 12, 1987 (Age: 27)
    Events team
    Favourite Rod:
    Zziplex hsm,Abu probeach,ttsm
    Favourite Reel:
    My 7ht mags
    Best catch:
    7.5lb cod,6lb bass,13lb5oz smoothy,39lb tope,11lb thornback
    Favourite Fishing:
    Favourite Boat:
    Jucy Lucy
    Trying to fish,work


    Mission for 2012 = double figure bass
    Species so far 2012 = 21
    And I'm beating warriorgunner :1a::1a::1a::bleh::bleh:

    Best cast 164m/178.76 200m here I come