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A first for me---but not one I wanted!

Discussion in 'Boat Angling / Angling Afloat' started by Deets, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Deets

    Deets Member

    Oct 25, 2008
    Trophy Points:
    8 hr 'Wrecking' (?) trip out of Stranraer, aboard 'Diva'. 25-03-2012 9am to 5pm
    Cost £35 per head. 10 persons on board.

    £350 charter (told this but not confirmed by skip, and payment to skip made out of sight)

    The dynamic of the trips people on board was.....
    So trip consisted of trip organiser and his son + mate (3), another bloke (mate of organiser)and his son (2), my wife and I plus our son and my mate plus his dad (5).
    Basically 'My' group if you will, accounted for half the people on board.

    Immediate impressions of boat at the harbour were....'nice craft, but how the hell are 10 going fish off it!'

    This became even more of a concern as we got on board as 2 of the blokes immediately claimed the back of the boat as theirs for the trip. Add one of their son's taking up over a third of one side and a recipe for cramped 'a la-carte' was top of the crappy menu. The rest of us 7 squeezed into what was left. su f'ing perb!
    My wife and I and son ended up scratting for space to fish, jammed in the corner at each side struggling to avoid the boat canopy and leaning over the corner seat/hold.

    We set out then for a gentle leisurely journey of around 1.5 hrs to the Skippers chosen mark. A wreck I believe, don't know of what. Didn't know what to rig up with so went with what I thought useful over a wreck....350g chrome pirk and double lumo muppet rig. Ha ha , bit much that really. Go with a boom and flowing trace....was the sum total of the skips advice for the trip.
    Lost it within half hour so I was left with big hokkai lures (black psycho's), muppets, shads and a few foils and feathers i had.
    No further advice was offered from the skipper--save try tipping lure hooks with a bit of bait.

    Fortunately my mrs and I thought ahead and bought some bait for the trip...you never know do you?
    200 lug, sand eels, mackrel, squid and a few hermits left from a winter shore session.
    But, it appeared we were the only ones. So we became bait shop as my mate sarcastically put it! Me and mine were welcome to help themselves (my mate was going to pay me for what he used at the end of the trip).
    What pis*%ed me right off was the organiser had taken a bit of his own (kept it very quiet), so too had the other fella, but the organisers son pasted our bait (asked at first then just got stuck in!). Then the organiser even got his lad to pass him bits of our bait too. Then his lad's mate just joined in.

    I dont mind sharing I really don't but I despise cheek and presumption, and not so much as an offer to pay for a worm!!

    So thats the boat politics moaned about.

    Next the trip itself.

    We visited just one mark all trip. Anchored up for the duration apart from at the end when the skip did, half a dozen at the very most, drifts over the 'wreck'.
    Tackle losses were ridiculous. All my bell weights went, my gemini leads used as emergency weights, lost count of the lures/rigs. A lot of money --a hell of a lot of money.

    Total fish caught: Blokes who had all the back got most with a gurnard, a dog, a pollack, a whiting.
    Organisers son, his mate and the other blokes son shared the spoils of 2 dogs, and a pouting.
    My son had a pouting.
    Me, my wife, my mate and his dad all BLANKED.

    Hence the post title---none of us have ever blanked on a boat before. EVER

    The skipper wasn't really helpfull. Advice was thin on the ground --almost none existent. All we got off him was 'well there's fish there, dunno why your not getting them....you should of been catching them by now lads' and 'try using feathers--something to catch the fish's eye'.

    Trip was over and we went back in. Another 1.5 hr stroll, and back in for 4.40.
    Just short of 5 hrs rod/water time. 3hr travelling (almost half the entire trip time!) to the mark :yawn:

    I must add this was the wife's, my son and my first wreck trip.
    We have done dozens of general fishing trips out, deep water/reef and all night trips. We didn't know what to expect or how to tackle it really, but hoped to be getting good sized fish even if they were few in number. The biggest this trip was a couple of pound pollack. WOW!
    I took bait, lures, etc etc and hoped for a bit more from the skip by way of input to help us into the fish.
    Moving from the spot we were at was absolutely not an option.

    Don't know if anyone has had better experiences on this boat, but ours was definitely one i will not be repeating , on DIVA in any case.
    It was a lovely day weather wise, shame the fishing was a joke, the other people on board (except my group!) were so selfish and the skipper so blatantly lase-fair.

    Oh well .... wanted to let you know ---wouldn't like to think of another group putting £350 into a majority blanking, boring, tackle hungry, ineffectual skipper lead trip aboard DIVA out from Stranraer.

    Before I get flamed........yes I know fish are never guaranteed to be caught--and travel time to marks is part of the whole time out.
    My beefs are the speed of travel to the mark was intentionally slow, no effort was made to put us onto fish at another mark, advice was barely there and at time of booking (as far as i'm aware) no recommendations as to tackle, bait etc etc were made by the skipper to ensure everyone had the correct tools baits for the job in hand.
    I have never had a trip out like this before or met a skipper (albeit pleasant enough ) so unwilling to offer advice.



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  2. lingking

    lingking Member

    Dec 3, 2009
    Trophy Points:
    Tyne and Wear
    there is a temptation to set you on fire,ha ha but i shall resist,much of your report reminds me of two trips i had out of whitby,two different vessels,many years ago.neither of those vessels operate now,and i must make it clear whitby now has a VERY HIGH STANDARD OF SKIPPERS/VESSELS.

    you say you lost all your bell weights,that can only be good news ha ha

    how much did you communicate with skipper when booking trip regarding lures preferred baits etc.

    anyhoo to cheer your self up bring your family across to the east coast from berwick to whitby,for all the help and advice you will ever need,and maybe even a fash.

    where ever your path takes you marra, good luck
  3. craw

    craw Member

    Nov 24, 2010
    Trophy Points:
    man that sucks. Reminds me of a charter trip out of isle of whithorn years ago (when I were a lad) and the biggest fish all day was an LSD of about 2lb or even one i went on in loch long on a catemeran and the best catch that day was a gillimot that got itself hooked whilst trying to steel the bait lol+
  4. fishwife1971

    fishwife1971 Member

    Nov 14, 2009
    Trophy Points:
    brings back bad memories of a trip out of seahouses last year...6 hour trip and there wasn't even a toilet on the boat...never mind tea..
    the skipper sat in the cab and read a paper most of the time...
    it was ok if u just wanted to go for a mackie bash but not if u were trying for anything serious...totally pash.
    if u want a fantastic trip...we've got one booked for 5th may from Eyemouth..M.V.Scimater...Derek's a brilliant skipper..
    it's a cattamaran...easily holds 12 people...has a toilet...and u get tea and coffee.
    if u go onto the cbuk site you'll see the boat for yourself.

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