my 13 day Thai fishing adventure (day SEVEN)

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    My 13 day Thai fishing adventure (day seven)


    So my last day at Greenfield starts off with Jules picking me up as usual i did not get out of the bar untill 02.30 so i am not in the best condition (well it is a holiday) It seems to have cooled down today which is just as well really,As normal Dave is catching me some tilapia and Gin is waiting patiently by the swim,The coffee is on its way and there seems to be a bit of life down the channel this morning so Gin is in the boat and off down the channel, after 15 min the float goes under and line starts to peel off the reel very arapaima like i wind down and strike and sure enough the arapaima is on but as soon as he comes out of the channel he is gone,Poor Dave just sat there held his head in his hands,Thats six you have lost here mate,I know thats just the way it goes,Gin puts the bait out again and have our now luke warm coffee,Twenty mins later i get a small pacu of 4lb and 15 min later the channel rod starts to peel off line again

    This time i really hit it as hard as i dare and again i have a arapaima on the hook,is it is it Dave asks,i think so Dave, well dont lose this one, well i will try not to mate,for the next 12-15 min it does its best as normal to shed the hook and is still on and getting closer to the bank,Gin is in the water with the net its getting closer and closer ,now i am waiting for something to go wrong but no its in the net a cracking fish of 70lb


    At last on my 4th day of trying for arapaima at Greenfield i finally come up trumps,Dave is on the phone to Jules straight away to let him know the news,I honestly believe that Dave was more frustrated than me during the last 4 days (i think that speaks for itself) and really sums the guy up,we then had a full English breakfast to celebrate before back to the fishing,A couple of 10-12lb red tails followed and it seemed to go quiet again,So Gin was walking the lake to see if he could spot anything and he soon had me following him down the far end where he had seen a few fish rising,We tried dropping baits on their noses,beside them,behind them but they were just not feeding so about 3.30 we went back to where we started the day and to see if we could prize one more arapaima out before the day was out
    At 4.00 and 5.15 i again hook and lose arapaima of guestimate 70-80lb and end the day with three more red tails all about 10lb,I say my good byes and its back to the hotel for a few changs (not too many) case packed as Jules is picking me up early in the morning for a 2 1/2 hour drive to my next destination which is IT LAKE MONSTERS which was not on the original agenda but Palm Tree Lagoon had been put up for sale and was shut to all anglers until further notice After what i had learnt in the previous seven days i must say it was not a suprise,After i have written the whole of this report i will comment further on the mad Thai fishing scene,So full marks to siamfishingtours who had to quickly rearrange my holiday at very short notice ie a day which was the reason that Jules was not with me on the last day at Greenfield and considering it is peak holiday season i thought he did me and himself proud so if you are reading this Jules mate WELL DONE:eusa_ clap


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