We get gear through WSF towers every day, some we bin, some we move on and other stuff we like the look of and play around with it. Here are the opinions of our team of writers on the good stuff.

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Shakespeare Salt Beach Shelter

It’s blue and bold but is it any good? WSF casts an eye over the striking Shakespeare Salt Beach Shelter.

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Ugly Stik GX2 Boat Rod Review

We take a look at the new breed of Shakespeare Ugly Stik, the GX2, to see if this latest generation of Ugly Stik boat rods live up to their famous heritage.

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Fladen Maxximus Nano Plus 2.7m 30-80g spin

We take a look at the Fladen Maxximus Nano Plus spinning rod – a lightweight, powerful general purpose spinning rod.

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Shore Fishing – A Guide to Cardigan Bay

WSF takes a look at a new book dedicated to shore fishing in Cardigan Bay written by local resident and angler John Mason.

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TronixPro HTO Rockfish L Rod

Wayne Thomas reviews the Tronixpro HTO rockfish LRF rod, a cracking rod for a bargain price.

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Palm Ocean Pro 10m Tow Line

Kayak angling expert reviews the Palm Ocean Pro 10m Tow Line, a potential life saving piece of kit for the kayak angler.

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