Ullcatch Bait Weaver

Mike Thrussell reviews a new Irish product designed to look after and make applying bait elastic easier, the Ullcatch Bait Weaver.
The Coaster Companion complete with coasters clamping a Penn Mag 525 in place.

Mike Thrussell Jnr takes a look at a neat little product that helps secure your multiplier reel to your rod butt better, eliminating multiplier twist, the Coaster Companion.

Wayne Thomas looks at the often forgotten art of matching your tackle correctly to the species you intend to catch. Correctly matching the right tackle to the species can increase your catches many fold.

It's blue and bold but is it any good? WSF casts an eye over the striking Shakespeare Salt Beach Shelter.

We take a look at the new breed of Shakespeare Ugly Stik, the GX2, to see if this latest generation of Ugly Stik boat rods live up to their famous heritage.

We take a look at the Fladen Maxximus Nano Plus spinning rod - a lightweight, powerful general purpose spinning rod.
Shore ballan wrasse rig

WSF takes a step by step look at how to build a shore ballan wrasse rig.
Shore bass rough ground rig

WSF takes a step by step look at how to build a rough ground bass rig.
Shore surf bass rig

WSF takes a look at how to build a surf bass rig.
Estuary bass rig

A step by step look at how to build an estuary bass rig.