Palm Ocean Pro 10m Tow Line

Palm Ocean Pro 10m Tow Line

This article was last updated on June 29th, 2014

What is the use of a tow line for a kayaker? Well, it can be used for several different applications but the main one is to leash yourself to your craft when at anchor. In the Bristol Channel where I fish regular, for example, when at anchor the tide moves very quickly, if you are unfortunate enough to have something knock you out of your kayak, you are in danger of entering fast water whilst your kayak stays at anchor. It would be near impossible to swim back to your kayak. So a lifeline would keep you attached to your craft aiding in getting back safely to re-enter your kayak.

A secondary use for it would be an assisted rescue. If you kayak buddy falls in and is washed away from their kayak you could paddle over to their kayak and attach your tow line via your quick release trolley system to their kayak and paddle it back over to them.

A third use for it is if you’re ever unfortunate enough to be rescued at sea it can also be used as a throw line to the rescuing craft.

It is a bit of kit I always carry with me, so small, so simple, yet could save a great deal of trouble.

In this review I’m looking at the Ocean Pro 10m Tow Line. Why so long at 10meters? Well I would rather have too much than not enough, that way you can deploy it from its carrying bag and adjust the length to suit. Considering many of the sit on tops we use are over 4meters, 10meters isn’t all that long!

The Ocean Pro 10m Tow Line comes in a handy bag
Ocean Tow Line

When you take it out you are greeted by a bum bag style bag that has reflective strips
Ocean Tow Line

The bag has a neat, tidy and comfy waistband, complete with a quick release system. It also has a lanyard and strong securing hook attached to it
Ocean Tow Line
Ocean Tow Line
Ocean Tow Line

A lot of thought has gone into the towline kit, everything fits neat and compact within the bag
Ocean Tow Line

The bag has a drain hole in the bottom to keep your kit as dry as possible
Ocean Tow Line

Plus you can set it up in “stand-by” mode so that none of the line is loose. It also stops you struggling to find the secure hook
Ocean Tow Line

It’s up to the individual who goes out on their craft to decide if they need one or not. For me it’s an every trip bit of kit for the piece of mind it offers.

The Palm Ocean Pro Tow Line 10m SA470 is available in the UK through Amazon UK.

An adaptable, quick to deploy ocean towline with a vent mesh belt for comfort and floatation. The new Ocean Pro features a completely redesigned pocket to facilitate rope packing and storage.

Features include:

• One waist size
• 10 m rope
• 10 m of removable 6 mm polypropylene floating line
• Cordura 500D top opening towline pouch
• Floating foam waist belt with Fixlock quick-release buckle
• Shock-absorber
• Reflective detail
• D-ring attachment points for rigging short tows
• Seadog noncorrosive plastic clip

Material: Vent Mesh foam belt, Cordura® 500D bag, 6mm floating Polypropylene line and plastic Sea Dog™ clip
Colour: Saffron / Black
Code: SA471
Size options: 10 m