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WSF Forum House Rules

Discussion in 'WSF Rules and FAQ' started by Mike Thrussell Jr, Jul 31, 2014.

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  1. Mike Thrussell Jr

    Mike Thrussell Jr One Life - Fish it!

    Jun 11, 2004
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    First posted: 31st July 2014
    Last updated: 24th February 2015

    Updated Sections:
    24/02/2015 - Rules on Angling Politics highlighted in red and italics

    Welcome to the World Sea Fishing Forums. This is a meeting place for the discussion and exchange of information relating to recreational sea angling both in the United Kingdom and Ireland as well as the rest of the world.

    As a forum member, you can post messages on these forums; it is one of the largest resources of sea angling information available in the UK, useful for sea angling related questions, discussions, reports etc.

    We have many thousands of knowledgeable members with many years of experience that can help on all manner of related topics to sea angling. We hope that you will not only have your questions answered, but that you can help others with your valuable experiences too.

    Our forums are covered by the rules and guidelines below. This applies to all discussion forums, WSF Groups, Media Albums and any other areas of the WSF Web Site as well as all registered members.

    WSF Forums topics
    The WSF Forums are for the discussion of topics related to recreational angling by method of rod and line. Discussion of this topic and those that relate to it are covered in all of the WSF Forums.

    Discussions relating to non-angling activities should remain in the specific forums for those topics.

    Discussions relating to Angling Politics have changed and are highlighted below in Red in the Angling Politics section of these rules.

    Primary Forum Rules
    1. You must not post libellous, insulting, antagonistic, racist, aggressive or otherwise abusive remarks about any individual, company or business within forum posts or via Private Conversation.
    2. You must not post about anything that is illegal.
    3. Posts must not contain swear words in any such way as to circumvent the forums’ inbuilt swear filter.
    4. You must not post any images or text, which are pornographic or violent or otherwise inappropriate for the viewing by younger and older members and guests alike.
    5. You must discuss not promote websites, which contain inappropriate material such as pornography, warez, cracks, piracy software etc. Discussions of adblocking is banned.
    6. No blatant bashing of other discussion boards and angling web sites. We do not allow discussion of what happens on other sites to filter onto WSF, leave it where it happened please. WSF is not interested in the rules, fights, aggravations and bickering on other sites as I’m sure other sites are not interested in what goes on here.
    7. Using the WSF Forums via posts or conversations inviting people to join competing web sites is not allowed. You can link to useful articles for the community but cannot post to invite them to join another community; also, we do not allow linking to any site that requires membership before access. More on linking can be found further on in our guidelines.
    8. You must not post any spam. Accounts posting spam will be banned and posts removed.
    9. You must not solicit business from within posts, signatures or avatars. Rule 7 can be easily broken and is explained in more detail below.
    10. You must not create posts in more than one forum. This is called cross posting. You should pick the single most appropriate forum for your subject. Duplicate posts will be removed.
    11. No trading on the main forum boards, use the classifieds, trading in the forums will be removed.
    12. We ask all members not to ask for, nor give out medical advice.
    13. Absolutely no “lynch mob” type posts, these will be deleted and your account suspended – no questions asked.
    14. No discussing moderating decisions in public. If you really want to discuss a moderation action, this can be done within the Private Help Forum. Posts outside of this will be moved to the Private Help Forum.
    Creating an account
    1. Users must not choose an inappropriate login name. We do not permit a login name that breaks any of our forum rules.
    2. Must not register more than once. Doing so may get one or both accounts and all posts removed.
    3. No re-registration once banned. If you have been permanently banned you are no longer welcome to use this web site. If you have been temporarily banned and re-register to use the site during this temporary ban, the will result will be a permanent ban from the forum and a complaint forwarded to your ISP.
    The majority of members will have no problem with the above rules. However, if any of them are broken – moderators will take the appropriate action.

    Disputes with moderators
    If any forum member feels they would like to dispute a moderator’s decision, they should contact one of the admin team who will look into the situation.

    Additional guidelines
    1. Remember you are an ambassador for your sport – think before you post!
    2. We are also aware that often anglers post up items relating to netting on beaches. Whilst we do not mind people discussing the topic locally any posts advocating damage or explaining how to break up a net, will be removed. There is no way of us knowing if the net is set legally or not and if found to be legal – we cannot condone criminal activity on the site.
    3. Whilst World Sea Fishing respects the choice of anglers to follow catch and release policies, post which criticise members for taking fish for the table or criticising other members' reports will have their posts removed. World Sea Fishing maintains a Conservation Forum, which can be used to discuss Catch and Release policies. In addition, please note that anybody found posting a report that is written in or contains graphical representations designed to engineer a negative response from conservation minded anglers will also be removed.
    4. We encourage all posters to post general locations for marks. Whilst everybody knows where the most popular marks are, it is often better for less well-known marks to use a general location. Many readers are interested in what other anglers are catching rather than the specific marks. It is perfectly acceptable to use “A mark in the North of Anycounty/region” for example.
    5. If you have a question you wish to ask on the forum, please first check weather the question has already been asked and answered. Use the comprehensive search facility to do this.
    6. Do not post text in UPPER CASE. This constitutes shouting in a text, forum environment.
    7. Please avoid using text speak. Text speak will not get a good response from members and should be avoided at all costs. Often if the post is not legible it will be removed by the forum moderators.
    8. Please ensure that your e-mail address is kept up to date. Failure to do so will remove large amounts of forum functionality from your account – and if you ever lose your password – you will not be able to recover it.
    Spotlight of what you post is on you (the member)
    Libel Laws have changed significantly with the Defamation Act 2013 enacted on the 1st of January 2014 this has further placed the spotlight on the User (you) of forums and social media in the event of you posting something on a forum that could be libellous. If in doubt, don’t post and adhere to Rule 1 at all times.

    Angling Politics
    Topics relating to National Angling Politics are not permitted to be posted on the WSF Forum. We run an independent, not for profit website called that can be used for posting and debating about National Angling Politics.

    Subject to agreement with the Administrator and Moderators we will allow a limited amount of regional angling political issues to be discussed in local area forums subject to:

    1. If these threads are overly heated in debate and become personal they will be either heavily moderated or closed and you will be pointed to our Angling Politics Site to discuss the issue further.
    2. Threads are posted for informational purposes only, heavily nationalised political topics are only allowed on our Angling Politics Site.

    Name and shame
    We do not encourage or endorse name and shame threads on WSF. We realise that occasionally members can have grievances with some companies customer service. If you feel you really need to name and shame (as an absolute last resort after going through trading standards and usual consumer channels) then please only post the absolute truth and make sure you have 100% of your facts correct beforehand.

    Right of reply
    All companies have a right of reply, replying to complaints directly on the forum often proves to be excellent PR. We encourage all involved in the angling trade to participate in discussions on the forum.

    Promotion of other sites
    You may not promote any website or business you have a financial or other interest in, or use the popularity of this community to help build one of your own. The forums are here to allow people to freely share knowledge on all aspects of sea angling, not to provide them with a financial gain or free advertising.

    We will allow one, non-prominent link in your signature to any business/web site you have an interest in. We do not allow mailing addresses, phone numbers, opening times or descriptions of goods sold, services or abilities of your web site in our signatures. We will allow one none prominent link with an accompanying business name only.

    Charitable organisations and not for profit angling organisations can use the forum to announce initiatives and press releases.

    We will not tolerate any solicitation or advertising in any posts, private messages or e-mails sent via this forum of products or services.

    The following links will be classed as not acceptable on WSF:
    • Links to sites that require a reader to sign up as a member before they can read any of the information.
    • Links in threads to sites that the member has a personal or business interest in.
    • Links to sites that are pornographic, racists, sexually orientated, discriminatory, offensive, and vulgar or any other topic that sensible people deem to be offensive.
    • Links that are purposefully designed to increase membership or promote a community site run by the poster by using the popularity of WSF to build said community.
    What is acceptable on WSF
    • A business/web site owner may have ONE non-prominent link to their business web site in their signature. They cannot have any accompanying slogans, service descriptions or phone numbers.
    • In addition a user can have ONE non-prominent link to a web site they have a personal interest in. Again with no descriptions or text. In their signature.
    • Any user can link to a site they have no personal interest in; they can also link to their own galleries, photobucket accounts etc. In threads, posts and signature.
    If you find a post you think violates these rules please click the report link on the post in question which will report the thread to the moderating team.

    While these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way.

    We reserve the right to ban anyone who wilfully violates the forum rules, as access to our forums are a privilege and not a right. We also reserve the right to deny any user access to this web site or service.
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