Sunline Super PE Braid Review

Sunline Super PE Braid Review

This article was last updated on June 29th, 2014

I have been a die-hard Spectra fibre braid fan (e.g. Power Pro) for a long time and I’m also a great fan of the “if it is not broken, don’t fix it” mantra, but over the past eight months I have been testing some new braids from Sunline – and I’ve had to eat my own words. The problem with the above saying is that if you adhere to it religiously, in a fast moving tackle industry…life will soon pass you by. Fishing is definitely a game where it pays to be open minded on new products and techniques if you want to continuously improve your game.

From the off I just want to state one thing. Whilst using Sunline for the last eight months I did not find an alternative to Spectra braids, but I did find that certain braids have their own specific types of angling to which they are suited. Twelve months ago braid was just braid to me – in different diameters to suit different applications and conditions – but after experimentation with Sunline (which is a Dyneema Fibre braid) I now realise that just like rods, reels and end tackle, there is in fact specific types of braid that are better for certain types of angling.

Currently I’m using Fox Horizon Pro and Sport braids for all my general boat and shore fishing, coarse fishing and all my fishing overseas because its abrasion resistance is fantastic, but for all my modern lure fishing – with hard baits and soft plastics – from both boat and shore, I’m now exclusively using Sunline. Where Sunline braids excel is that they have extremely low diameter to breaking strain ratios, and thinner means less friction as the line comes off the spool and passes through the rod guides which increases your casting distances.

Sunline Superline PE
Sunline Braids

The current Sunline Saltwater Braid line-up includes:

  • Super PE (a four-strand general all-round lure fishing braid)
  • Cast Away PE (an ultra abrasion resistant & low diameter eight-strand all-round braid)
  • Momentum 4×4 PE (a high quality eight-strand all-round braid for the cost conscious)
  • Rock Fish PE (a specialist four-strand, ultra thin braid for Soft Plastics fishing)
  • Small Game PE (premium quality specialist four-strand, ultra thin braid for LRF fishing)

And an extensive range of Fluorocarbon lines

Sunline Fluorocarbon
Sunline Fluorocarbon Lines

For your information PE stands for Polyethylene – the fibre used to make Dyneema thread. I haven’t got enough space to go into ‘PE ratings’ here, but basically a PE rating is a measurement and numbering system that the Japanese use to measure thread diameters.

Over these past eight months I have been testing Sunline Super PE (designed for all-round general lure fishing) on several reels, I have to say I’m totally impressed! Sunline Super PE is hardwearing – it is still on all my reels and, after eight months, it still doesn’t need changing! It might not be as abrasion resistant as Spectra Fibre braids but its abrasion resistance is more than enough for any UK/European lure fishing application. It is also very supple and lies extremely well on the reel, casts superbly and is not prone to excessive wind knots. An extra bonus here is that if it does wind-knot, Sunline is really easy to unpick – the easiest braid I’ve ever come across (not that I’m admitting getting wind-knots or anything!).

Finally, Sunline’s super-low diameters mean it literally flies off the reel! Since switching to Sunline from Power Pro, I reckon I’ve added roughly 20% to my casting distance! In a nutshell, Sunline braids have been specifically designed for modern lure fishing and this is clearly evident when you switch to them!  Sunline Super PE gets a thumbs up from me!

Sunline Loaded on reels

Sunline Super PE is available in light green, dark green and white in 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30lb breaking strains for general lure fishing, and 40 – 80lb breaking stains for big game, in 150m, 300m and 600m spools.

Watch this space for coming reviews on Sunline momentum 4×4 braid and Siglon FC (Fluorocarbon).

Sunline is available online and in store from Nice Fish stockists. Alternatively, the braid can be found on eBay UK

Jim O’Donnell is an RYA & ISA D.O.T. Yachtmaster Offshore charter skipper and a Sports Coach UK qualified Fishing Guide, who regularly turns his hand to angling journalism and photography. Jim has over 15 years full time experience fishing in the UK and the Channel Islands, an excellent knowledge of fishing in Southwest Ireland and a decade of experience fishing in the Florida Keys, especially for Tarpon. Jim has also contributed hundreds of articles and thousands of images for UK and some worldwide fishing magazines and written a handful books, including four current instructional fishing books for the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) about boat handling and general fishing techniques. Lure Fishing has formed the basis of Jim’s fishing career for over 15 years and although he regularly fishes both live and dead baits with his clients, he specialises in modern lure fishing inc Bass, HRF, LRF and Pike fishing from both boat and shore.