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  1. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi all, I am in the market for a new rod. I have been looking at the above rod and reel combo. I'll be honest, I don't lile spending too much on rods as I will fully admit, I am not the best in looking after them. I often like to fish in difficult venues where I often take a fall on the way...
  2. South East Catch Reports
    Hi, I'm looking to fish somewhere near Maldon. Does anyone know any popular marks around here? Hoping to do shore fishing next weekend. I'm targeting flaties on worms and Bass on lures. Cheers.
  3. South West Catch Reports
    Hi, Any advice appreciated for fishing in Falmouth.Taking lure rods and stepped up carp rod for macks. Thanks Tony.
  4. Beginners and Improvers
    Hi, I'm pretty new to sea fishing. I mainly enjoy spinning, but I'm interested in catching a conger this year. ----------------------------------------- For some context, I currently have three rods: 1)
  5. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Because of my advancing years I am having (sadly) to give up fishing. I have a large amount of equipment I would like to sell (beach, boat and spinning rods; multiplier and fixed spool reels; etc etc etc.). I am too far west for a boat jumble and find Ebay too complicated for me. Can anyone...
  6. South East Catch Reports
    Anybody fishing around the Essex or south Suffolk coast have an AFAW 14ft six and bait rod? Been looking at them but cant find one to have a look at, so wondered if I could find somebody fishing with one.
  7. Light Rock Fishing / Light Game Forum
    Hi, apologies if this is the wrong section, tried in the 'Light Game Forum' but don't have the privilege to add a new thread. Been bait/beach casting for years but focussed on lure fishing (9ft Major Craft, 10-35g, with straight through 20lb braid) for the last 2-3 of years and lovin' it! Me...
  8. South West Catch Reports
    hey all I’m heading down to watchet on Friday(from shoreham) for a holiday going to be there a week, just looking for some where that would be good sport, 2 things to keep in mind is 1 I’m not going to have a tripod as can’t fit it all in the car and 2 I’m going to be with a few guys that don’t...
  9. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    on Friday me and my work mate are heading down to Selsey we have both been banging on about getting a decent smoothy for weeks now, as the tide isn’t on are side thinking targgting a Ray would be better?? Any advice on what to target would be helpful cheers
  10. Boat Owning, Equipment and Maintenance
    can anyone tell me does engine need to be in water or tank to set carbs and if anyone knows how manys turns on evinrude mixtures screws should be to start with advice needed thanks its a 70hp ex rnli 2 stroke good compression etc good spark thank you for any help
  11. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Hey everyone, first time poster and new member here. Looking for some advice fishing at ringstead. I have fished other marks like worbarrow, dancing ledge and chisel but looking for somwhere new and the reef in range of a cast and some deeper cleaner water on the east side in the bay is almost...
  12. New Member Introductions Forum
    Hi, Just starting out with sea fishing. Looking for some marks and beaches in and around St austell bay, baits and rigs advice. Looking to catch lots of different species. Any pointers or help would be appreciated. Fished Crinnis twice and had an eel and a dogfish plus some mackerel last...
  13. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Hi All, Hope you've all had a good weekend so far! I used to spend alot of time fishing (in the winter) around Sandbanks/Holly bush area, chasing flatties and having alot of fun with it, but for some reason I lost the mojo for it and packed the rods away. Other things happened that further...
  14. New Member Introductions Forum
    Hey all, I got into fly fishing half way through last year and it easily became a love and obsession. I am looking to fish lochs through the summer and learn how to fish with a spin rod. Would anyone be able to offer good advice on kit to get me started? I want to target the fish in Loch Long...
  15. Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    Hi chaps a group of us are up for our regular trip from Brid this weekend but I have just looked at the extended forcast and see that winds will be easterly at 4-5 with gusts to 6. I know the bay there is fairly sheltered but wondering what your thoughts are as to if we are likely to get out or...
  16. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    what is different with the vercelli compass coninental surf rod than the outlander and mondiale kw ???, as the oxygen compass is the heaviest rod in the oxgyen series despite being rated 3-7 ozs, where as the outlander can cast 3-10.5 ozs and its lighter than the compass!!!, thanks in advance...
  17. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    are any cheap vercelli and gravell surf rods any good please?
  18. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    are vercelli mondale kw rods any good please????
  19. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    anywhere around swansea or llanelli or carmarthen fishing well please?????? many thanks in advance
1-19 of 25 Results