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  1. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Looking for the AFAW 11ft 6 bass rod, everywhere seems to be out of stock at the moment unfortunately. My trusty 11ft 6 Daiwa TDSS decided to snap whilst striking a bass (tip section only and still managed to land said fish). So I'm looking for a replacement, a rod you can hold for hours with a...
  2. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi everyone i understand it’s a personal thing but I’m looking for advise on either of these rods I’m not the best caster I just need a good quality fishing rod for abit of mixed ground mostly rough grounds I will be fishing for Tope of north wales of the rocks aswell as cod and pollack north...
  3. East Coast Catch Reports
    South Pier, Lowestoft for me today, I had a few hours to kill, armed with mac, bluey, blacks, I set off. High tide was at 14:30, arrived at 13:30, set up AFAW Match Pros using a running ledger, size 4 hook and a bit of bluey. Cast out, rods in rest and waited... A nice old boy happened to be...
  4. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Has anyone got any experience fishing with the above rod, I know its rated up to about 5oz and is more of a continental style rod at 15ft, I usually use afaw gb fs pro rods for my Bristol channel fishing but wanted something lighter for some flattie fishing, I've already bought the rod off of...
  5. South West Classifieds & Services
    2 x Primo Syncro's , one as new, other good condition, want to swap for Afaw Match mk2's or Tourny match's, meet or pick up
1-5 of 6 Results