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  1. Akios Nitrons

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Having just got a pair of the Akios Nitrons, loaded them with line but not used yet, is it usual for these reels to be a little stiff/ noisy on the retrieve, nowhere near as smooth as my Fathom CS reels, it's not spool bearings but maybe another bearing like the one inset in the frame bit full...
  2. Akios Nitron F-15 Review

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Akios sent us the pre-production model of the Nitron F-15 back in November. We have been testing it in various situations from clean sand to rough ground marks. Throughout the testing we could not complain about the reels performance when it came to casting and build quality. Some issues were...
  3. **South Pier Lowestoft... Suffolk Sluggers fishing update...**

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Had a 3 hour bash on the pier today from 9am til 12ish, sun shining, no wind but a tad chilly in the shade. First cast, tap tap, out came the first of many -a 40cm whiting, grand total 31. Good mix of flatties largest being 32cm total of 8, then came the best, a fine and unexpected 47cm bass...