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  1. South East Catch Reports
    Had a session at sandwich bay at the weekend and put the video on youtube. Please watch it and like and subscribe if you enjoy it.
  2. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Yesterday started flat calm as we locked out of the bay at 5:30am, headed to North Cardiff where we anchored up for 2 hours on the ebbing tide. Only the one thornback ray came out before the wind picked up against tide and forced us to move inshore around Penarth. 3 other boats were around...
  3. Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi all, Myself and two friends are heading along the east coast of Scotland for a fishing trip, staying over in Dundee, Johnshaven and Fraserburgh. We've already been advised of a few fishing spots to hit Broughty Ferry Beach/Riverside Drive (Tay)/Arbroath Harbour/Gourdon Harbour/Peterhead...
  4. General Sea Angling Discussion
    hello . For all that know the area I am looking at fishing down Kidwelly in the estuary there buy the old canal works. Because I’m relitevelynnew to estuary fishing and tactics , what gear do you use and what kind of species can I expect from there . Any hints and tips would be great thanks...
  5. Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hello every body. I won't bore you to tears with the whole story but in a nutshell I am going fishing again after an absence of 18 years! I injured my back I put on weight (a lot of) and my Doc gave me 3 years max unless I do something NOW! I have always loved sea fishing and went with my...
  6. Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hello all, i'm quite new to fishing, mainly go off the shore, at the moment i've got two trusty rods, a Diawa Dsurf 1207 with a Diawa BF 5500G-3 reel and a Fisheagle Saracen beachcaster with a Tonixpro Envoy FS reel. Home for me is Essex but i'm a student in liverpool so i'm lucky to have two...
  7. Newbie Introduction Forum
    hey everyone, I'm going on a family holiday to Croyde "ruda" to be precise, from Plymouth, on the 8th of April, I haven't been out fishing for 7 weeks (the Mrs just had our 2nd little boy/fisherman) Just wondered if anyone knew anywhere that's fishing well around that sort of way or could...
  8. South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Not wanting to teach anyone to suck eggs if you already know and not sure if this is in the proper part of the site. Sticky etc? Could save your life at the bottom of steep cliffs or anywhere it is hard to get a signal.
  9. Shore Angling
    What kind of lead weights are to be used? Plain or grip weights? I read that grip weights keep bait on the seabed but the bait doesnt act natural therfore hindering a possible catch??
  10. South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Hello everyone! Thought I would update my blog on everything fishy going on in Jersey Channel Islands, please take a look :) Click on the link below. Includes a few fish like this! Cheers! Daniel :p