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  1. Fife east neuk

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Evening all. I've got mackerel, bluey squid, sand eels and jelly rag. Plenty lures. Might have to change venue at last minute. These baits any good elie or anstruther way. Was planning oban but one of my laddies is pushed for time.
  2. Anstruther White Pier

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Looking for some info regarding fishing at Anstruther White light house pier. I read on a forum that there was talk about stopping anglers fishing due to some leaving a mess. I had planned to fish one evening but dont fancy a wasted trip if not allowed to fish.
  3. Shore Anstruther 17-06-2016 Evening sesh with a few fish.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    I was not going to do this video but i was asked if i would make it so i did not a lot of fish caught in this one but you can't catch lots of fish all the time watch HERE Hope you enjoy this one a bit shorter than normal.
  4. Shore Anstruther 11-06-2016 Wrasse hunt ...The Video

    Scotland Catch Reports
    I know some of you are looking forward to seeing this so here it is my latest fishing trip video see it....... CLICK HERE
  5. Shore Anstruther pier No flounder just wrasse all the way and pb

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Fished Anstruther red pier,11:00 to 21:15, Tide LT=13:50 HT=20:23, Bait mackie,bluey,ragworm,lugworm,squid, Weather cloudy stayed dry though,water some mice waves. I had intended to fish Elliot beach Arbroath but Sean was working and thought let's go somewhere different so i took myself to...
  6. Anstruther catch reports

    Shore Angling
    alright folks thinking about a wee trip to Anstruther in next few days anyone know how its been fishing lately not been there for few years