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  1. Daiwa AWT 12 foot sea fishing rod

    Angling Item SALE or SWAP.
    This is the make of rod, which made George Smith the international superstar he is today, probably the best beach rod Daiwa have ever made, this rod was originally the 13 foot version but has had a foot taken off the butt still with original eyes throughout, still capable of chucking a lead a...
  2. For Sale Rods & reels Zziplex, Daiwa, Greys

    Angling Item SALE or SWAP.
    Ultramarine Exploit 2 oz to 4 oz £120 SOLD AWT 4m in good used condition £130 Zziplex 50/50 Butt only £70 Zziplex M427 Tip only Ungrounded used only a few times over grass. £150 Daiwa 5000t good condition £70 GreysTriplex 14 foot 3 sections, Ex-con £130 ono Mick Tel or text 07842093972 (...