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  1. General Lure Fishing
    3 mn video , bonnie scotland . Loch Lomond , Scotland . Nice perch . Pike taking small treat . Plenty water and scenery . Some quality ledgering . Enjoy , Nico , Scotland .
  2. Kayak Angling Forum
    This week we went perch fishing . loch Lomond is good for kayaking . Plenty fish on soft lures . Good healthy looking perch . Cracking scenery . Drop shot fun straight under the kayak . Kool day out , love Scotland . Lovely perch !
  3. Kayak Angling Forum
    On the plus side the temperatures are rising . This week we travelled to Loch Lomond . Plenty silver fish about . We just sat there . The pier was buzy . Had to locate the shoal . Loads of bite . Enjoying the scenery . A wild perch . Pike trying to steal a roach ! Always...
  4. Kayak Angling Forum
    We made it to Loch Lomond hours from the bells . Quiet blustery but warm . With so much scenery and water we started fishing . Perch , ruffe and roach it was hard going . As I was hooking into a roach , a pike hold on to it but not long enough . we took it easy the last day of the...
  5. Kayak Angling Forum
    Our kayak fishing season is now ending with one more trip to go before the new year . We went back to Loch Lomond , our prime local water . With four kayaks on the water I was anticipating some action . Most of the day was spend using some light techniques but finding Perch in deep water...
1-5 of 5 Results