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  1. Fresh water spinning from the kayak

    Freshwater & Saltwater Lure Fishing.
    3 mn video , bonnie scotland . Loch Lomond , Scotland . Nice perch . Pike taking small treat . Plenty water and scenery . Some quality ledgering . Enjoy , Nico , Scotland .
  2. Perching

    Kayak Angling Forum
    This week we went perch fishing . loch Lomond is good for kayaking . Plenty fish on soft lures . Good healthy looking perch . Cracking scenery . Drop shot fun straight under the kayak . Kool day out , love Scotland . Lovely perch !
  3. Ledgering day on the Big loch .

    Kayak Angling Forum
    On the plus side the temperatures are rising . This week we travelled to Loch Lomond . Plenty silver fish about . We just sat there . The pier was buzy . Had to locate the shoal . Loads of bite . Enjoying the scenery . A wild perch . Pike trying to steal a roach ! Always...
  4. Last cast 2018

    Kayak Angling Forum
    We made it to Loch Lomond hours from the bells . Quiet blustery but warm . With so much scenery and water we started fishing . Perch , ruffe and roach it was hard going . As I was hooking into a roach , a pike hold on to it but not long enough . we took it easy the last day of the...
  5. Festive adventure

    Kayak Angling Forum
    Our kayak fishing season is now ending with one more trip to go before the new year . We went back to Loch Lomond , our prime local water . With four kayaks on the water I was anticipating some action . Most of the day was spend using some light techniques but finding Perch in deep water...