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  1. General Lure Fishing
    Haas anyone tried a lemon back coloured lures. Not been a fan favourite of this combo but recently getting stuck into it. What’s everyone’s opinion on it and what’s he type of are you would use or situation. Here’s my latest adventure using it for the first time
  2. The Bass Lure Forum
    Good evening all. bass fishing.. lemon back lures / lemon mirangue. does anyone use them. A good friend of mine suggested them to me in clear water. Something we have a lot of in jersey at the moment. so I decided to give it a whirl and bang the fish were loving it. anyone have a time and...
  3. Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    Morning fishos first bass session of the year on the yak. Enjoy
  4. The Bass Lure Forum
    Morning fishos my first session afloat on the yak has come and gone just like that. a fun filled afternoon chasing the tide out hitting heads, jap beds and the oyster bed margins. all of it documented into a small video below. enjoy ❤️👌
  5. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Out lastest fishing adventure using the fishus range from fishes lorenzo. Enjoy! Sam @ BTWF
  6. The Bass Lure Forum
    Morning all, been recently using some of the well designed and amazingly good looking Fishus range by fishus lorenzo. The small soft plastics they use fish well on a savage gear head in a 12.5g version. And I’ve been doing well on in. In the most recent video below I nail my nice bass of the...
  7. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Here’s a link to our channel with some videos to remind you of what is to come in the next few months! We are arguably in the hardest/quietest time of year for our area so hopefully these videos will keep the interest up if you haven’t seen them before.
  8. Float Fishing Forum
    evening please check the latest video flat fishing live baits for bass on and around our local harbours. more on our little channel! thanks Sam
  9. Shore Angling
    Evening all. recently the fishing has been tough. The fishing has slowed down but I’ve managed to get out a couple of times in search of a huge winter bass. I usually fish a particular area of the island in the winter the SE coast and any neighboring areas which give good cover. And on this...
  10. General Lure Fishing
    Morning Team, Been a tough week on the basels but a handfull of small Hotdogs to keep us going here in Jersey.. Ive been using the cotton candys and the red heads recently with good effect. I was out the other morning at first light.. nothing was popping off so we hit the Red head skerrie...
  11. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Good morning WSF Team, Please see our latest video from little jersey. Sidewinder Skerries doing the damage. Enjoy :) Lure Fishing for Bass | Sidewinder Skerrie Turns the fish on the bite | Spotting Gannet On the Drone - YouTube
  12. General Lure Fishing
    Good afternoon and happy new year fishos. Been a great end to the season with a few fish to finish the year off in some quite messy conditions. Usually when the sea hits the sub 10 degrees mark I stop for a while but fish the odd session here and there for bass. And push my attention to night...
  13. The Bass Lure Forum
    Morning team. been very Lucky to Be able to stick with the fish here in jersey going into December. When the water gets below 10 degrees I always say to myself. “I will be happy with one bass per session!” - that’s just how winter bass fishing is. So to get more than one is the icing on the...
  14. General Lure Fishing
    Afternoon Team, Its quickly coming apparent how good the new savage gear v2 actually is. Such a versitile lure, being worked either with a straight wind or a bump and wind. Ivebeen using it a couple months since the release and am really scoring good with it like in this video below from a...
  15. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Just a quick Catch report should anyone be interested. Started fishing Southampton only a few months ago only because Weymouth and Chesil is Sooo far. To my surprise there is a lot more going on than I would have thought. Southampton being so industrial and busy... I would have never thought of...
  16. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Please check out our latest video where we show how we like to target bigger bass off a surf beach. Please subscribe if you get a chance, remember it’s free! Enjoy!
  17. The Bass Lure Forum
    Morning team. Unsure about anyone else but this years season has taken a slight setback. It’s slower and the fish really have not arrived. Looking back a year from now we were landing 10 plus fish a session. Back to back. Now. 1 or 2. Is this the same For everyone? We headed out last night and...
  18. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Morning guys. little update from Channel Islands plenty of smaller bass about but not any sandeels still. It’s hard to imagine where they are but it’s slowly picking up. here is the latest trip on video. enjoy FC
  19. Whitby, Holderness & The Humber Catch Reports
    So it’s been nearly 2 years since I could get the beach casters out and this time it was time to get across to see best mate Paul Garbut and try and catch something a bit different the main target was supposed to be for the little rays but when this happened let’s just say I was very happy hope...
  20. South East Catch Reports
    Had a session at sandwich bay at the weekend and put the video on youtube. Please watch it and like and subscribe if you enjoy it.
1-20 of 44 Results