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beach casting rod

  1. Shore Angling
    hi im in Nairn staying on the lochloy holiday parkfor a weeks break so ive decided to take along a couple of beach casters and try my luck. Not after anything special a few flatties would do. Where would the best places to try which baits ect.
  2. Angling Item SALE or SWAP.
    Unground Blanks Chris Dance Builds Stainless Kwags UK Hooks Sliding reels seats £700 Collection from Thurrock, Essex May be able to meet halfway if not too far 07889 342 366
  3. Beginners and Improvers
    i have just baught a new shimano fixed spool and require a new beachcaster for my area of Bournemouth around £100 - £160 is a price I can manage any idea's
  4. Shore Angling
    would the two models above go well together ?
  5. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hello guys and Girls!! As you know christmas is coming.. and my brother is willing to spend £200 max for a christmas present... Im thinking of getting a surf/beach rod, a rod that i wont be scared of it snapping when i lob the weight out in the ocean.. Here are some specs that i want. 1. Between...
  6. Shore Angling
    So I'm looking for a new surf casting rod and I'm not too sure yet on what I really want so I'm asking what rod you would recommend. I'm using a 14ft diawa longbeam at the moment. Fixed spool reel. Im looking for a better rod but I'm not after the best top end rod. Maybe up to £200 or a little...