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  1. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    I'm new to sea fishing, (first season), and my initial equipment is Penn Squadron 2 12ft, Shakespear Affinity 8000. All going well and covered for the mackerel and bass fishing at Chesil this summer. I'm now looking for something to fish for Cod and some flatties, and from the searching I have...
  2. General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hiya I'm very new to sea fishing been 4 times now (yet to catch lol) and on the last 2 seasons my 8 year daughter has come alone and loved it, so I'm wondering if anyone knows of any lessons near Southend/shoebury in essex. As although I've watched a lot of YouTube videos and read a lot online I...
  3. East Coast Catch Reports
    Hi - Decided to get back in to beachcasting this autumn/winter after 35 year gap. Used to fish Gorleston beach but it looks very different now, is it still ok? Live near Norwich (Brundall), any thoughts on a good place to start appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  4. Shore Angling
    Hi all Just wondering if anyone had been out beach/shore fishing recently in Essex and if so, any good spots to try over the next week? I'm based in Chelmsford and regular past spots I've fished include Heybridge Basin, Mersey Island, Felixstowe, Southend, Erith Pier and Canvey...
  5. South West Catch Reports
    Going fishing Tuesday not sure if I’ll be going beach fishing or pier or anything along those lines. Anyone recommend anywhere around? I’ve been fishing of mevvagissy pier and I’ve done some rock fishing in Charlestown.
  6. General Sea Angling Discussion
    ive been making my own rigs for a while now, and have made a few clipped down rigs. Take a pulley rig for example. I always have a shock leader 60-80lb and rig body will be 50-60lb. Snoods will be 20-25lb. Now, here comes my query. If I clip down my pulley rig this takes weight off rig body and...
  7. Sea Angling Competitions
  8. Beginners and Improvers
    A simple question: Is it the norm to always have the drag set down tight when fishing a beach caster from a rod rest - either FS or multiplier? I have been doing this and had good results catching bass and flatties - but I recently had a good smoothound that basically pulled my entire rod rest...
  9. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi guys I bought the Penn surfblast2 8000 with Penn rampage 2 13ft 4-6oz spiderwire smooth braid white 60lb 0.25 300m Imax lockdown tripod 6ft Cox & Rawle 1/0 Distance Clip Down Rig Aquapedo Leads: 4oz: 5 Leads Will this all match up ok for my first time beach casting. How much line will get...
  10. Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hello my name is Aaron wallace I'm 23 from the highlands in Scotland I live in nairn mainly do river fishing with fly or worm but always been interested in sea fishing for a long time but don't have the funds for a boat haha can anyone recommend a decent beach caster and preferably a multiplier...
  11. South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Still coming off the adrenaline of my second big bass and the first fish of the year, I've been hooked to the beach whenever the weather has been good, this evening was no exception.. Back on the squid, hoping for another beast of a bass but the blank was narrowly avoided by the help of this...
  12. Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi there i was wondering if anyone has had plaice and dab from anywhere between Lunan Bay and St Cyrus bay any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi everyone i was toying with tryign the elephant rock beside montrose at the weekend. I live localy but have never been down to it. Does anyone have any advice for how to get down to it?
  14. Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi all I'm from Arbroath and there are plenty cod and flatties here but I fancy trying something a bit different. Has anyone had any luck catching conger on the east coast of Scotland? if so where?
  15. Angling Item SALE or SWAP.
    Unground Blanks Chris Dance Builds Stainless Kwags UK Hooks Sliding reels seats £700 Collection from Thurrock, Essex May be able to meet halfway if not too far 07889 342 366
  16. Beginners and Improvers
    I'm scrapping the old line that is old and very bad.... I'm just wondering what line would be best for clean beach fishing for anything from flounders to rays. I'm thinking of something like 15lb but am wondering what brand? Any thoughts?
  17. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi, I'm finding selecting reels abit tricky! I will be predominantly using the reels for shore fishing with heavy leads so I need something upto the task. I have a budget of £80 per reel, I originally was looking at daiwa scorecast reels but am having second thoughts, I would get second hand...
  18. Shore Angling
    Hi, I'm finding selecting reels abit tricky! I have a budget of £80 per reel, I originally was looking at daiwa scorecast reels but am having second thoughts, I would get second hand reels if I knew what to get? Can anyone help or recommend any decent fixed spool reels? They will be going...
  19. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    I was wondering if I could use the reel above for my beach geaching off the shore . I have already taken the level wind off and im curious if I could use for casting about 60 -110 yards Merry Christmas Cian
  20. Casting
    would the two models above go well together ?