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  1. Anyone know of any Beach fishing lessons in essex

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hiya I'm very new to sea fishing been 4 times now (yet to catch lol) and on the last 2 seasons my 8 year daughter has come alone and loved it, so I'm wondering if anyone knows of any lessons near Southend/shoebury in essex. As although I've watched a lot of YouTube videos and read a lot online I...
  2. Pier/Beach/Rock Fishing - Beginner (Isle of Man)

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi, I live in the Isle of Man (If you didn't know it's a little rock in the middle of the Ocean) and I am trying to get started/ more experienced at fishing. I could possibly do with having a little more information on the type of gear I need and possibly some tips and tricks for the fish I'm...

    South West Catch Reports
    Fishing Budleigh salterton tonight, actually we are fishing from around 6pm through till around 8 or 9 am tomorrow, I am not really targeting anything in particular, I am simply fishing for what ever decides to take my bait... I have ragworm, Mackeral, squid, whiting, & sand eel and black lug...
  4. Agility 2 long surf- has anyone used one?

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi people, my new shakespeare agility 2 long surf has just arrived, I've chosen the 4 to 8oz version and on inspension seems like a decent rod, bought it to upgrade from my first cheapo beachcaster I bought earlier in the year when I was unsure whether I'd get into it or not, I just wondered if...
  5. Dungeness - This Sat

    South East Catch Reports
    Hi All I havent been fishing for over a year! so i am very excited to finally be able to go again. Just a few quiries before our visit this Saturday. We were planning on getting there for around 5-6am to get set up, have a brew, as we have a family member whom has come from Bristol with us...
  6. North Norfolk

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Hi everyone, I’m looking to arrange my first beach fishing trip after many years out of the sport. I’m now living on the Norfolk border and have never fished this area. Can anyone recommend some venues where I would be in with a chance of catching something? I’ll be taking my two young sons and...
  7. Shore Catch report from Hastings

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    All I seem to be catching at the moment is rockling.However a session in-between the really windy days at the beginning of the week saw me catch something different at last albeit a silver eel ! Oh well better than nothing I suppose. Started by fishing the main beach but found the swell after...
  8. Brexit what Brexit?

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi All taking the big step before Brexit meltdown and retiring to the Cost Blanca. Complete newbie to the world of beach fishing, but looking forward to some happy times in the sunshine , or not depending on the best times of day or night to fish. Glad to find such an informative site and will...
  9. Fish of a lifetime- Big Bass in daylight, lure from beach.

    Bass Lure Fishing Forum
    It's taken 30 years but I've finally somehow managed to land my first ever double .So exciting and a little nerve wracking as It decided to head for the snags. It's captured on film here but as I landed the fish i didn't take any photos as I was trying to release this beautiful fish as soon as I...
  10. Has anyone fished the blast?

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi all. Iv just bought a new beachcaster and im gunna be doing some overnight beach fishing this week. Could anyone recommend the best places to fish? Iv heard the blast is good also seaham hall beach. I have 2 rods 1 beachcaster for 100+yards also 1 rod for 30-60 yards, im taking rotten bottom...
  11. Hi has anyone got experience at seaham beaches?

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi all. Iv just bought a new beachcaster and im gunna be doing some overnight beach fishing this week. Could anyone recommend the best places to fish? Iv heard the blast is good also seaham hall beach. I have 2 rods 1 beachcaster for 100+yards also 1 rod for 30-60 yards, im taking rotten bottom...
  12. Portabote portaboat 12ft 4hp anyone got one?

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    not long had my boat seen some good vids on YouTube so ended up getting one. Just not sure on where I can take it or fish with it Barry Cardiff sully maybe?
  13. Rods/Reels recommedations for Beach/Boat/Lure fishing

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hello All! Returned back from an empty handed return from a night/morning at Dungeness beach last week. I have also decided i need new gear completly as mine is literally out the window on its way out. I am a novice to which i have been reading many of your posts for weeks now. My main fishing...
  14. Advice East Coast Marks

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi all, Myself and two friends are heading along the east coast of Scotland for a fishing trip, staying over in Dundee, Johnshaven and Fraserburgh. We've already been advised of a few fishing spots to hit Broughty Ferry Beach/Riverside Drive (Tay)/Arbroath Harbour/Gourdon Harbour/Peterhead...
  15. [Beach/Feathering] Advice on current setup

    Beginners and Improvers
    I thought it would be a good idea and post on here since I've ended up accumulating a (relatively) moderate amount of gear without really getting into fishing. Essentially, the main fishing I have been doing is feathering for mackerel and the current gear I have is the Shakespeare Agility 2...
  16. im on short break in Nairn looking for fishing marks

    Shore Angling
    hi im in Nairn staying on the lochloy holiday parkfor a weeks break so ive decided to take along a couple of beach casters and try my luck. Not after anything special a few flatties would do. Where would the best places to try which baits ect.
  17. Loch Fyne Shore Marks

    Shore Angling
    Hi I am new to fishing in the area, i have fished from the beach all my life and am looking to get out next weekend for a bash. I hear Loch Fyne has some decent fishing but don't know any marks in particular and what would be about at this time. If anyone could suggest any marks and any other...
  18. Belhaven bay

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Any one been to belhaven recently? New to beach/shore fishing and thinking of trying it sometime this week. Any bait tips would be good too. Thanks
  19. Rod advice: Which rod for pier fishing/beach/boat

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hello all, Hopefully the title thread will help others, searching the net and will come to this forum to find very useful advice from the experienced members on here! Now, i understand, each different type of fishing has its own type of rod. I am a very novice fisher, who loves to learn and...
  20. Morecambe mussle beds

    Shore Angling
    hi all I've just moved to south Cumbria and looking to take advantage of a day off work on Saturday and hopefully get out with the rods for the first time in about a year. I've been advised on fishing the mussle beds at morcombe for some flatties at low tide but don't really know a lot about...