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  1. Europe
    last few weeks has brought about a massive influx of sandeels here in mid norway. The steams have been so concentrated that after a mackerel feeding frenzy here in our harbour at Hustadvika we found the bottom littered with dead eels - most likely from shock or oxygen starvation. Offshore that...
  2. Europe
    Article in the Norwegian News about a guy catching a 38kg black skate - his previous best was a 600kg greenland shark. Article about a 800 kg and shark...
  3. Europe
    Dont know about you, but i loose a good bit of fishing gear every year - experience has lessened the amount but i still loose pilks and assorted gear. There are several fishing hot spots in this area (west coast of norway ) and the loss is far more than significant. Saltstraumen is a very...
1-3 of 3 Results