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  1. Shore jigging for Yellowtail in Busan city,South Korea

    Shore Angling
    Hi my name is Samuel from South Korea. I enjoy shore jigging in Korea. We usually target Spanish Mackerel, Yellowtail, Amberjack sometimes Tunas but Tuna is only available in very limited places and season. I went a small islet in the middle of the sea near Busan city in Korea. I tried to...
  2. MADEIRA - Marlin fishing (Charter review)

    Hi all. If you fancy a Marlin or A Tuna while on holiday in Madeira (which is a quite affordable and interesing holiday destination, hugely rich in culture fauna and flora i may add) i recomend this charter...
  3. Fishing on the island Rhodes

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Dear all, I am going on vacation in July for a week on Rhodes. I find it hard to find any information about the fishing opportunities on the island. I would love to go with a proffesionel charter boat for some big game fishing (or just bigger fish than mullets :-) ). Can anyone in here hook...
  4. Reel Compatability !

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hey all, looking for a bit of advice I recently acquired a unused Penn Iternational V IGFA 12lb rod [ full roller model] and I plan on making it my go to rod for the odd chance i am out looking for bigger fish i also plan on using it in the med for tuna, dorado , grouper etc when out visiting...
  5. Fin nor big game tycoon rollerguides

    Your eBay sales and finds
    On sale on e bay, a complete set including tip of fin nor tycoon rollerguides. The real stuf, big and strong (shark/tuna) and whats more they have never been used on a rod!!!! Planning to build a big game rod or to restore an old fin nor, this is perhaps your last chance to get your hands on...