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  1. Scotland Catch Reports
    Orkney Islands September 2018 (Part 1) We arrived at St Margarets Hope on the 15th September after a pretty uneventful 13hr trip. We were greeted with nice calm weather & I was keen (once the LHG was settled) to take advantage of the good weather. I’d only brought a small amount of bait with me...
  2. Scotland Catch Reports
    The wondering MASAC visit OBAN in search of spurries 1st June 2018 – 3rd June 2018 Day 1 3 of us decided a few weeks ago we would try and target some spur dogs up in Oban. The 1st weekend in June was soon here and we set off around 0500hrs from Huddersfield. We were soon up around Loch Lomond...
  3. Whitby, Holderness & The Humber Catch Reports
    Easington 25th January 2018 Hi tide 2208hrs 5.4m (on the Bridlington tide) Sea flat little or no wind building SW to 10-15MPH throughout the night. With my days off (and chances to go fishing) being reduced due to a new rota at work I’m taking every opportunity to try get out and at least wet...
1-3 of 3 Results