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  1. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    Had a trip to Shoreham west arm Hoping for a bream or a ray , had loads of bream bites on lug, but then had a monnnnnnster take while Lee, Steve and Andy were sitting with me , turned out to be a bass of around 5lb. Had a decent scrap to it , and very surprised as never had a bass on bluey...
  2. South East Catch Reports
    Will be doing a report in a while but to anyone who's noticed in after a ray , my quest is over . Will post report later on as still fishing. Buzzing is an understatement
  3. Bait Discussion
    Where's best to buy bluey and sandeel's in bulk, I've bought mucky squid in the past in 10 kilo boxes from fish merchants. Looking to buy similar quantities for bluey/sandeel, have heard that Chinese supermarkets sell Pacific Saury (bluey) fresh & frozen, any pointers appreciated.
1-3 of 3 Results