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  1. Anglesey Rib advice

    North Wales Catch Reports
    afternoon everyone, I'm after some advice if any of you are in the know. I've tried calling and emailing Anglesey council but have had no response. I've fished Anglesey many times from shore all across the island but have just purchased a 3.8m rib with 25hp outboard. I'm looking on advice as...
  2. Outboard servicing

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Does anyone know a reliable company around Edinburgh and Midlothian that services outboards that won't rip you off. Iv got a mariner 60 Bigfoot in case the only do certain outboards. Thanks all
  3. Boat falmouth boat fishing

    South West Catch Reports
    could anyone let me know of any good wrecks or reefs around Falmouth - thanks in advance, Joe
  4. falmouth reefs and wrecks

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    could anyone let me know of some reef or wreck locations around falmouth? -much appreciated in advance
  5. Making the most of the good weather

    Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    Hi all - had a few trips out over the last few days with varying degrees of success. Friday - tried a few drifts for plaice down near Bournemouth, lots and lots of nets, so drifts kept shortish. Had gurnard, dogfish, small bream and finally a small plaice. Spotted a few boats a couple of...
  6. Mercury 50 4 stroke

    Boat Owning, Equipment and Maintenance
    Hi lad, I have the engine above and have noticed that if I idle for abit that it'll stop pumping water and the alarm will start going off. No problem when moving just going very slow or idle. Any help would be great thanks.
  7. Trailer static or rollers?

    Boat Owning, Equipment and Maintenance
    I have a 17 foot Wilson flyer with a cathedral hull with a trailer that just has two static bars cushioned with material for the boat to rest on. It can be difficult to pull the boat up on to the trailer sometimes. Would getting a roller trailer make this easier? Do the rollers make the boat...
  8. Boat Edinburgh Boat marks??

    Scotland Catch Reports
    This was originally posted on the Boat Fishing section but was advised I might have better luck on here. Hi all Looking for any boat fishers from Edinburgh and Midlothian. I have bought a small fishing boat at the end of last year. Its going to be based out of Musselburgh harbour (Fisherrow)...
  9. East coast Sharks

    Scotland Catch Reports
    I'm curious if there are many sharks on the east coast particularly around the forth?. As i'm thinking of trying my luck in the forth once I can get my boat out. All the posts about shark fishing seem to be either on the west coast or further up north??
  10. Edinburgh Boat marks??

    Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    Hi all Looking for any boat fishers from Edinburgh and Midlothian. I have bought a small fishing boat at the end of last year. Its going to be based out of Musselburgh harbour (Fisherrow) Does anyone know any decent boat marks nearby as iv only really boat fished from Dunbar before never out of...
  11. Boat fishing in March.

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi you guys another newbie. I am going off on the JFK in March, and its the first time for 40 odd years in a boat and would like to know what to expect to catch other than cold.
  12. Boat Rods

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi Guys Looking at doing some boat trips soon. Will I get away with using a heavy spinning rod, 9' 1-3oz for jigging feathers or am I better getting a boat rod? As I'll only be going occasionally I'd rather just use what i have if its suitable. Thanks
  13. Hi from sunny Lancs

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi Me, the Mrs, son and daughter started fishing around 3 years ago after a holiday to Filey where we bought a cheep aldi rod and some feathers. Up to about the age of 15 ( 35 now ) I used to go fishing around Blackpool, Arnside,drigg and fleetwood with my dad and grandad. My dad has always...
  14. Seahawk17 with trailer given to me

    Boat Owning, Equipment and Maintenance
    Hi guys I currently own a 4m rib for solent fishing throughout this year kept saying I want a hard hull for reliability space, cover and longer trips I came a across a friend who has had one sat for a while Would it be suitable for sea i no a lot of sail boats have been converted A few...
  15. Have boat, will travel...

    Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    Hi there. I've just taken ownership of my first small fishing boat, a 17ft v hull with with a fairly powerful outbound. Now, here's my dilemma... I really don't want to wait until spring to take her out for some inshore fishing (weather & sea permitting obviously), but what I'm wondering is...
  16. Boat Fly Fishing Advice

    Fly Fishing
    Hi there, Planning on going boat fly fishing on Loch Leven with some pals. This will be a new experience as I have only every bank fished with my fly rod. Understandably, I know I will most likely need to get a new rod as my current setup is a 9ft 5w. What I am looking for is advice on what...
  17. Boat pb up north

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Had a session with my mate Robert on his boat the Patricia Rose... Left harbour and anchored 200m from the rocks after a wee steam .. 2 skate in 3 hours... 160lb and 172lb... Won't write the mark as the skate police will be gurning... (again) Hopefully into a 200lb fish soon.. Tight lines
  18. Strangford Lough again

    Northern Ireland & Rep of Ireland Catch Reports
    Hi all new to this forum... looking to see if anyone can point me to any marks around strangford Lough from a boat. I understand some of these people hold closely to there chests, but any advice would be great! New to sea fishing have always done course fishing so not too sure what I’m looking...
  19. Boat paint , curious about this brand

    Boat Owning, Equipment and Maintenance
    Has anyone on here used this companies products ? Seem ace! Have the satin finish i want in the colours i want, reasonable prices also !!! Anyonr interested in handing out sound advice for my first ever boat project feel free to check my other post, believe its titled my new old shetland 535...
  20. Shetland 535 pulpit rail

    Boat Owning, Equipment and Maintenance
    Looking to change my pulpit rail , its very square, im after one of the more curved ones that really rises at the front of the bow , seems more classy and easier on the eyes for the eventual style im going for Please see my project post guys , thanks in advance . Also in the market for full...