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  1. Northern Ireland & Rep of Ireland Catch Reports
    Hi guys as title says, coming over for the first time ever from the Welsh coast. Bringing my 17ft wilson flyer boat "bumble bee" Staying on valentia Island and plan to fish around that. We are happy mackerel bashing, pollock etc however where do I need to go to get sharks. Amongst other big...
  2. Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    So ladies and gents, ive got a marina GT 16 and find it's great on flat calm days and with a chop however sadly it's too small for my needs and it's been a very good first boat. I'm in search of a bigger boat now, 20ft to 24ft needs to be trailerable. I have £5000 no more. I need something that...
  3. Boat Owning Groups
    I have a deep water swinging mooring for rent, afloat at all times, price is per foot, the mooring is down on the halford river, Cornwall
1-3 of 4 Results