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  1. Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    I am looking at buying a fishing boat for me and two mates and need some advise. I have narrowed my search down to a Jeanneau Merry Fisher Marlin 6, Quicksilver 605 Pilothouse, and Parker 660 Pilothouse. Does anyone have any advise on these boats to help us decide? Thanks
  2. Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    Could anyone who fishes the Humber give me any info on where to launch and areas/marks to fish. I'm towing the boat (Shetland Sheltie/50 Honda) from Beverley area. Thanks in advance, Dave
  3. Boat Owning, Equipment and Maintenance
    Does anyone have a Terhi. From the reviews that I have read they are very stable and a good starter boat that can be kept at home and trailered around. Any thoughts on good alternative at 12ft? This is the Terhi if you haven't see it before:-
  4. Boat Owning, Equipment and Maintenance
    Hi all, have been reading a lot of your threads but this is the first time I've written one, knew I'd have to start someday. Just had delivery of a new barracuda7 ( Isn't that what pensions are for!) and am 90 % pleased. The not so pleasing 10% is the handling of the boat. When turning either...
  5. Boat Owning, Equipment and Maintenance
    i just been and bought a mitchell 22 sea angler, as anyone else ever had such boat and what their thoughts are on them, in my boat i have no ballast at the moment and not sure at the moment as to how much i need or if i need any, would be nice to hear from others if they had a sim boat etc
1-5 of 6 Results