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  1. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    New video now live. There are some cracking fish in this one. Enjoy!
  2. South West Catch Reports
    Fished the high tide up in the evening. Very warm day at Severn Beach. Changed over to fixed spool reels as the multicasters on the 16ft rod where too difficult to use balancing on the rocks. 2 hook clip downs on 2/0 hooks and one strap conger. Circa 6-7 lb. An hour after high we fished the...
  3. North Wales Catch Reports
    Hello! Check out our (@Lloyd S and me) new YouTube channel. We are based in South Wales but we also fish West Wales and will be making a few trips up to North Wales and further making videos along the way. Enjoy!!
  4. South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Prize fund is massive this year - Garmin have contributed over £5k of prizes including Pantopix 3D fishfinding transducer and Echomap plotters of upto 12”, a cash prize of £1,ooo for the winner and lots of Angling donations from our kind sponsors will make this year a very competitive event. 42...
  5. Bait Discussion
    Hi guys Fishing the Bristol, channel seems a lot of the cod are full of prawns and crab but we all stick to worm! Just wondering is anyone has gone out and used prawn as a bait and how did you get in with it? Chris
  6. South West Catch Reports
    Eager to enhance my minimal Bristol Channel knowledge and find new places to fish that are realistic within my health constraints (ME), a much anticipated outing was made with Fishing Guide Jansen Teakle aka The Gambling Angler : Bristol Channel Guided Shore Fishing on Thursday. After furnishing...
  7. Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi guys, back fishing after years out due to crap fishing on South Wales. Been out Swansea bay, ogmore and penarth but nothing really caught other than dogs. Just wondering what rigs and bait is catching in the channel now Chris B
  8. Shore Angling
    Never fished there before
  9. South West Catch Reports
    Two hours up and two down on a 10mtre tide at New Passage, Rag on a three hook flapper [no Lug left at Reel Fun - Portishead], and Squid on the 3/0 Pully Pennell Rig. Nibbling bites from the off; at times the rob tips looked like the keys on a wind-up piano, just had to wait/decide which to...
  10. South West Catch Reports
    Had a look at Sand Point over low water today, was advised to avoid the Easterly, fat chance with it blowing down both sides! Anyway, decided to man it out and fish into it on the North(?) side for two hours down and one up; would have fished longer but this is a tackle graveyard and decided to...
  11. South West Catch Reports
    Still some good Conger about at New Passage on Mackerel fillet, best about 10lb and a few Codling to 2lb on squid, [not black lug though]. There would have been more if "some of us" were to hook all the fish that were biting! I missed 3 BIG drop-backs.... 20ft+ of slack on worm and squid baits...
  12. South West Catch Reports
    Met up with Kriscnc and a few other hardy souls, [lunatics], that decided to brave the N.E. winds to throw bait into very choppy water this morning. Not a lot happening with just a small conger early on and a very small codling for me on squid/mackerel. Others had small codling to fresh worm...
  13. South West Catch Reports
    Hi guys I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me where around Bristol/somerset is fishing well at the moment thanks
  14. Shore Angling
    Recently got back into sea fishing after moving to somerset, basically got the gear just no idea. I've fished Minehead harbour wall and also watchet wall today. Just would like some simple advice on fishing marks, baits and tackle to keep my morale up as I've blanked a good few times. Also never...
  15. South West Catch Reports
    Headed out on a midnight mission last night flying solo. Things were really slow and the only action of the night came from a 3lb 10oz Codling. I fished Gas Works in Minehead from low tide right up to high water. Conditions were quite pleasant and was about as comfortable as it was ever going...
  16. South West Catch Reports
    Hi, haven't done a massive amount of fishing in the Bristol Channel and am hoping to get out and try and target Spurs. Am I correct in thinking that Porlock or Bossington would be a good place to try? Has anyone got any advice they could offer me on say the best tides and conditions. Cheers
  17. South West Catch Reports
    My first report! A short high tide session at Kingston Seymour wasn't hugely productive but a reward nonetheless. Approaching the middle lane pull-in no other cars. Not alot of space so it's a fingers crossed moment! A clay pigeon shoot just off the back of the sea wall made me and the boy...
  18. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi guys, Currently looking to get a new pair of rods which can be used all round the Bristol channel, I currently use Veals channel specials which I've had for about 18 months now and I love them, but I'm after a pair i can use in norway aswell as the channel. I'm torn between m4gts and primo...
  19. South West Catch Reports
    with summer sports (if you count standing about dressed in white clothes and drinking tea as a sport!) taking up my Saturdays, I've decided to try and fish as many Sundays as I can! With @Carlie_Fpo off with her family, I was going solo and with a previous conversation with @J Richards comming...
  20. South West Meets
    hi, I've been getting a little bored of fishing on my own this year, looking for a partner to fish the Bristol Channel. If anyone is going out this weekend and wants a partner give me a shout. Cheers