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  1. Shore fishing for sea trout around Oban area.

    Shore Angling
    Hi folks I’m heading to the Oban area to work tomorrow for a few days and hoping to have some time in the evenings for a cast or 2 from the shore but I’m not familiar with the area so any advice would be good, I’ll only have my spinning rods with me as bait isn’t an option. Catch and release...
  2. Shore Personal best spikey mackerel thing

    South East Catch Reports
    Just had to google what part Shoreham is , and it is south east of England I thought it was south coast , so posted my one a while ago in the wrong section sorry guys Had a trip to Shoreham west arm Hoping for a bream or a ray , had loads of bream bites on lug, but then had a monnnnnnster take...
  3. Snag city

    Shore Angling
    So we've all had that sinking feeling when we try to reel in our lines and we are snagged and no matter how hard we try, we end up losing the gear.. it was only today when i was fishing at Chesil i realised the real damage it can cause, when i brought in a snagged line with five spider crabs...