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  1. South East Catch Reports
    Hiya, thinking about heading down to princes parade later on tonight to fish 1 up and 3 down. anyone got any news on what’s being caught at the moment? I went down a couple of weeks ago and got half a dozen whiting and a few doggies. cheers
  2. South West Catch Reports
    Met up with Kriscnc and a few other hardy souls, [lunatics], that decided to brave the N.E. winds to throw bait into very choppy water this morning. Not a lot happening with just a small conger early on and a very small codling for me on squid/mackerel. Others had small codling to fresh worm...
  3. General Sea Angling Discussion
    hello this a link to my latest video report and also a link to my youtube fishing jounal channel with weekly reports please check it out and subscribe or help me promote my videos to a wider audience by sharing my videos in anywhere you think they may be usefull to anybody or interest regards...
  4. Shore Angling
    alright folks thinking about a wee trip to Anstruther in next few days anyone know how its been fishing lately not been there for few years
1-4 of 4 Results