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  1. Cheap Braid experience

    Boat Angling / Angling Afloat
    As title says, discussion of cheap braids. I've been looking on AliExpress and like the look of the multicoloured braid line on offer. Now the top brand braids like J braid etc are all from china just with their sticker slapped on the packaging, but, does anyone recommend a good braid that is...
  2. Cheap/Budget All Round Rod

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hey everyone, need a bit of help on finding a new rod for my friend. Looking for something around 9/10ft that will cast around 1-3oz, will be used for float fishing, light bottom fishing in estuary's and lure fishing with metals and feathers. Maybe a heavy spinning rod or flattie rod? There is...
  3. Beginner on a multiplier

    Beginners and Improvers
    I've been using a fixed spool reel since in started fishing and only ever used a multiplier on a boat. But I want to make the move to a multiplier from the shore. I understand using a multiplier without a level wind is best, so what's out there that's fairly cheap without a level wind but also...
  4. The Thrifty LRF Angler (the Anti-retail therapy thread)

    LRF....*Light Rock Fishing*
    A big part of the appeal of LRF / light lure fishing for me is the minimalist aspect. Just enough gear to get by, stuffed into your pockets, and away you go. Focus on exploring and catching fish. Like many, I am tempted by shiny new things. I keep drooling over fancy new reels, and am intrigued...