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  1. Beach Casting for £200

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    I'm new to sea fishing, (first season), and my initial equipment is Penn Squadron 2 12ft, Shakespear Affinity 8000. All going well and covered for the mackerel and bass fishing at Chesil this summer. I'm now looking for something to fish for Cod and some flatties, and from the searching I have...
  2. Easy Dorset... LOL

    Bass Lure Fishing Forum
    Well... I had booked to bed on the Brittany coast for the past two weeks. Unfortunately the coronavirus went and scuppered those plans fairly sharpish. As a reaction a campsite was booked in fast fashion by my girlfriends parents and the invite extended. To say I was excited was an...
  3. Chesil - Ferrybridge

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Hi all, Been a few years since I was on here as had an extended break from fishing. Got back into it recently with my 2 sons and planning a trip to Chesil, in particular the Ferrybridge area, this week. Just wondered if anyone can advise of the current state of affairs down there... Any...
  4. possible tuna sighting

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    HI, I got this account to ask one question about something I saw today, I come from a freshwater background fishing the Dorset Frome, Stour and the Hampshire Avon and I have recently tried my hand at sea angling. Recently I fished a mark on chisel beach during the day fishing the rising tide...
  5. Chesil this evening

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Is it gonna be gin clear and hard going tonight or what ? I live 3 hours + away , but really fancy it , tide times look decent to fish from 8 till 2 , got some peelers , blueys and squid and hopefully have some live mackeral . Is mu h coming out ? Need me my undulate
  6. Low tide fishing marks Chesil beach

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Hi, Going down to Chesil with the family on the 6th May bank holiday. Checked the tide times and it'll be low tide during the day when I'll be fishing. Does anyone know any good low tide marks on Chesil and any tips (bait, fish species) would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Shore Friday night Sole searching on Chesil

    South West Catch Reports
    Haven't posted on here for a while but thought I'd share this. Decided to head out on my own on Friday night ignoring Cod fever. I wanted a Sole and wasn't disappointed when I found one on my first cast. Ended up with 2 Sole, 4 Plaice and a dab. Best Sole going just shy of a pound and a...
  8. Chesil Help Please

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm keen on giving Chesil a crack (my first time) at some point in the coming months, probably in August or September. I want to target Rays, Gurnards, Hounds and Flatties (less interested in the Flatties), but I have no idea where to start.o_O Could anyone recommend to me which end...
  9. chesil beach who's fishing this evening

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Wondering if anyone can help Reading some fantastic reports from here and I'm in pieces about my target species , rays Haven't had any luck in a few sessions been put on bad marks good marks ,just not getting anywhere Will be taking my two big gun rods,40lb traces with 3/0 hooks chosen bait to...
  10. Best Bait/General tips for chesil

    Shore Angling
    just got back into fishing after a few years got my set up ready to go over tomorrow, has anyone caught any nice size fish this year? best baits for the location? any hidden spots along the beach i should try? cheers in advance guys
  11. Shore What to do? Where to go?

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Morning all. So I have a fabled "day off" coming up. I can't believe my luck either. But WOOHOO! Anyway, I've got the green light to dig out the old gear and wet a line. Question: Where in the south west/somerset/Dorset area is fishing OK? It's been so long, I want a confidence session. Dont...
  12. NEW TO WSF

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Just wanted to say hi. I'm new to all of this can't believe I haven't used it before. Hoping to obtain a little advice and also get to know some new people. Here's a few pics of fish I've had over the past 13 months. Tight lines.
  13. Late Chesil report - 18th/19th September

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Blog post (and video) about a recent trip to Chesil. We fished over two days and had 14 species between us, including some decent plaice, sole and bass :BigGrin: Blog post:
  14. new rod for fishing chesil

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi, I'm looking at getting a new rod and initially was going to go for a century Excalibur c curve. But now I have heard nothing but good things about the t-900. The only thing that puts me off is the length as I am only 5'6 This then makes me think a t-800 would be better but now I am unsure...
  15. Advice If you could go fishing tonight

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    So I'm at a quandary. I want to go fishing this evening, basically fishing from high to low and cannot decided where to go. Slight southwestery (I know be careful on Chesil) I don't fancy Abbottsbury again. But am happy to try anywhere. I thought maybe Chesil Cove, then I remembered it's not...
  16. Advice Venues along Chesil.

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Rightio, I’ve been trolling (not in a bad way) to try and make sense / get info about fishing venues along Chesil. I know there are several options but I was hoping to write down a few below and if anyone would like to flesh them out at all, it may prove useful to all those looking for venue...
  17. Advice Suspended baits.

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    So I was mulling my brains after reading a lot about the current crab situation on Chesil. To be honest the few times that I have fished it, I've encountered the buggers. 10 minutes in and your bait has gone, or hooklength! So I was having a word with one of my pike fishing mates. This guy is a...
  18. Chesil Cove

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Has anyone on here fished Chesil cove? I've never really heard anyone talk about fishing it. I've seen lots about Abbottsbury, West Bexington, The Dragon's Teeth etc, but nothing much on the beach side towards Portland. Is there a reason for that? Do people not bother? If they have bothered...
  19. Portland and Chesil

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    Morning, Just thought i'd post on here to ask for a bit of advice. I've just moved and am now a reasonable drive from Portland and the east end of Chesil. Had a walk about there (Portland bill) on Easter weekend. It was full of tourists, I suppose rightly so, it was dry and a long weekend...
  20. Returning Angler - South Coast

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Howdi, I'm a returning angler, who's had a 2 year quiet spell due to the birth of my son. Usually more of a coarse angler, but those sessions usually take the entire day, so I wont be able to do anything that time consuming for quite some time. So i'm taking up light shore fishing. We've also...