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  1. Coal fish around Scotland?

    General Sea Angling Discussion
    Hello! Moving up to Scotland in about a years time. Keen to target coalfish. Can they be found around the Edinburgh area, if not, where? Thanks!
  2. Shore Kinghorn beach: the return visit.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Hello all, I returned to Kinghorn beach last night to have another go after my visit last week. I really wanted to fish four rods, but after a long day digging tree stumps in the garden I decided to take the lighter option and fish with just two. After my previous efforts with the flounder rigs...
  3. change in fish status brings large catches.

    last few weeks has brought about a massive influx of sandeels here in mid norway. The steams have been so concentrated that after a mackerel feeding frenzy here in our harbour at Hustadvika we found the bottom littered with dead eels - most likely from shock or oxygen starvation. Offshore that...
  4. weedless jig heads

    LRF....*Light Rock Fishing*
    Hi all im pretty new to lrf fishing and am looking to find my feet this thinking on trying weedless jigheads and lures but was wondering if they really are as good as people say they are or are they a bit of a fad? If there any good does anyone on here do them in weedless? cheers...
  5. Techie fishing addict

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Dear all, I have just signed up to WSF. I am not from the UK but the other part of Europe. So what about me ? My fishing career started like many with a bamboo rod, 4m of line, a hook and a worm. Great times and many adventures 35 years ago. Since then, I have developed more into a sea angler...
  6. Shore Portstewart then malin head report

    Northern Ireland & Rep of Ireland Catch Reports
    went out today to wet the lines.. my brother and 2 of my nephews and myself, fishing for anything that wanted the bait lol... headed to Portstewart and fished off the rocks for about 3 or 4 hours, my brother was only one to catch and it was a wee small eel took a prawn. didn't want to blank...
  7. A good start in Skye!

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Hello, this is my first catch report in here, and I thought to share with you my latest catches from the beautiful Isle of Skye. I first visited Skye last June and instantly fell in love with the place and the great pollock fishing in particular! Subsequent trips in September and October only...
  8. Shore Knab Rock 27/12/2015 - A cure for Cabin Fever

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    At the beginning of the month Mike Thrussell Snr published a really interesting blog post titled 'Cabin Fever' I recommend anyone who hasn't already should have a read. Since the blog post was written unfortunately the weather conditions haven't shown any signs of letting up in any significant...