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cod fishing

  1. Shore Fishing Video Lofoten Islands Norway

    This awesome video gives you a little teaser in to our brand new shore fishing destination located on the Lofoten Islands in north Norway. Fully guided by well known UK angler Ross Johnson who is now joined Sportquest Holidays as a full time guide. He will be running trips from February to...
  2. Norfolk Cod

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Although I'm a newbie to all this saltwater stuff, I have noticed everytime I mention the word cod and norfolk people start laughing. But on the British sea angler site places like caister etc are said to be known winter and spring cod venues although these were posted a very long time ago.. Is...
  3. COD

    Bait Discussion
    So with the season approaching, I've set myself a challenge, to catch a 3lb+ codling, last year I spend time on the east coast with very little luck, but I feel that I have found the marks rigs and leads I need, What I don't know a lot about is bait, other than its very important. What sort of...
  4. Another Day In Hosted Mefjord Paradise (Sunday)

    Day 4 of the Mefjord Hosted skrei trip has come to an end and what a day it was for everybody out here in Norway. We woke up to a beautiful sunny Norwegian morning, with the sun beaming down and the wind basically non existent we were on the boats by 9am and were soon making our way out of the...
  5. Outstanding Days Fishing Hosted Mefjord Norway Report

    Day 3 is now over on the Sportquest Hosted Skrei cod fishing holiday and what a day it was. Making our way down to the boats this morning we were met with an overcast day slightly colder than yesterday and with a noticeable chill on the air. After boarding the boats and quickly sorting our...
  6. Day 2 Cod Fishing Live From Mefjord North Norway

    Well that’s the end of day 2 of the hosted Mefjord Brygge skrei cod trip, we awoke bright and early this morning ready for the day that lay ahead. As everybody made their way down to the boats we were all full of excitement and the chatter amongst ourselves was all about what we were expecting...
  7. Awesome Days Cod Fishing Mefjord Norway Report Day 1

    Well what an amazing first day for the hosted Sportquest Skrei Cod trip to Mefjord Brygge. After arriving late into the night the previous day all the anglers had a lovely sleep and woke up full of anticipation for the days cod fishing that lay ahead. Unfortunately the wind had other ideas...
  8. Shetland Boat fishing in May

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi All, I am looking for some advice on what gear to take to Shetland in May for some big cod (hopefully) fishing. I have been window shopping for 2 speed, lever drag and level wind multipliers and cant decide which combination would suit best. Can anyone advise which 2 combination of the 3...
  9. Shore The winter is coming!!!

    North West & the Isle of Man Catch Reports
    hey guys it's that time of year again to get the old beach casters and big old reels and head to the heads and rocks for some good old Coddy's should be going out next week but will have to see . Any one been catching much and any one been down st bees recently for the old cods
  10. Getting this out there!

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    hello everybody i have posted this in the south east forum as its where i am from and most of the stuff i do at the moment is about the south east but to grow i need as much support as possible. Anyway i have a youtube fishing channel and would like to share the experience with as many people as...
  11. Cod fishing deal

    South East Catch Reports
    Me and my dad went to deal fishing and i made a video about it... everybody check it out, it means a lot. also if you like it then drop a like on the video. Again thanks for the support from everybody in the last video, gave it a good boost!
  12. St bees rewards us

    North West & the Isle of Man Catch Reports
    So we decided to st bees south heads where it was sheltered from the wind to start with we spent the first 2 hours with out a single bite then on the 3rd hour something happened we started to get some active responses on my mates rod so our hopes picked up just after this happened my mate...
  13. Where to go on Monday

    North West & the Isle of Man Catch Reports
    hi guys I'm trying to decide where to go on Monday I am toying between with either st bees south or Harrington yer it's gonna be cold but the sea is looking flat so I am pushed towards the deep water between north heads and south heads hopefully their will be colour in the water still any way...
  14. Hythe beach

    South East Catch Reports
    Sorry for the late report, but here goes. Went to Hythe Beach with my missus as I said I would on Thursday 27-10-2016. Wanted to see if I can cope fishing with 4 rods to target both bass and cod. Reached the beach at 3 pm and took my time to set up my gear as I wanted to be ready for the night...
  15. Shore Target Species : COD 2016/2017 help??

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    hello guys! I have been trying to land a Cod/Codling for two years now! This will be my third year on the hunt!! I have learnt alot over the past two years and still got a lot to learn. I tend not to give up that easily.. But I think this year is the last bit of hope!! . I am pretty sure my set...
  16. Target Species : COD 2016/2017

    Beginners and Improvers
    hello guys! I have been trying to land a Cod/Codling for two years now! This will be my third year on the hunt!! I have learnt alot over the past two years and still got a lot to learn. I tend not to give up that easily.. But I think this year is the last bit of hope!! . I am pretty sure my set...
  17. Spring Run

    Shore Angling
    A lot of Fishmen say we get a spring run of cod roughly when the crab start peeling. I got couple yesterday (2lb 7oz and about 1lb)is this just hopeful thinking or is it right. It's My first season fishing just want to know your expert opinion Is !cheers lads and Tight lines!
  18. First YearFishing North East

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Hi all! It's been great to get involved with the cod fishing up on the North East Coast of Scotland. Had some great fish but still slightly shy of that double pounder! Today fishing I had an 8 pounder which I really hoped was going to get the double figures but sadly it feel just short...
  19. cod fishing

    Scotland Catch Reports
    How's the cod fishing been so far around the Inverbervie area