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  1. Scotland Catch Reports
    This week we decided to go local again , saving time on the water and money in the pocket . We took no food with us , just a little mascot for luck . Poppy . We dropshot a lot and use light tackle . Lots of fun using Rabala soft lures made in Scotland . We cheer on our UK marines to keep us...
  2. Cooking your catch
    Double joy, smoked mackerel on the beach then cod fillet at home . Good trip this week considering all this is close to our doorstep . We kayak fish the Firth of Clyde got plenty species and those fresh mackerel . And even some Cod . For the cod fillet . whisk one egg . dip the cod fillet...
  3. Scotland Catch Reports
    Back to our local water this week , with less travelling and more time fishing we decided to try the Gareloch near Helensburgh . . Plan was to catch many species and check on the overall quality of the Clyde . We caught many small cod and some a little bit bigger than the others . We use...
  4. Europe
    Thanks again to the guys who have us some tips for the recent week I had in copenhagen for work. Managed to get a few on the lures including a nice inner city fish. amazing place and if anyone goes there I recommend you take a light travel rod. Hope you in enjoy ❤️🇩🇰
  5. New Member Introductions Forum
    I am northwest UK based and the cod fishing this year has been absolutely awful. biggest 4.9lb with lots not making 8oz :cautious: . whats your cod experience been like this season? 1.40 min video of said cod 10 min video of loads of small ones caught on a .5g quiver
  6. East Coast Catch Reports
    Anyone got any pics of big cod caught off the Gorleston Pier in the 70"s so that I can show someone please? If you would upload them or provide a link would be appreciated, thanks in anticipation.
  7. General Sea Angling Discussion
    I usually just go with standard sea fishing set up like a flapper rig with squid and mackerel which has been fairly effective but just wondering if anyone else has had some success with lures for cod around the carmarthenshire / ceredigeon area? Cheers
  8. North East Catch Reports
    It’s been over 1 year since I last ventured to the north east to meet up with best mate Paul Garbut and let’s say when ever I travel to this coast it never disappoints , it had been 4 years since we made the first ever donation to Abiteoutofcancer of £46 and now with the help of the fishing...
  9. North West & the Isle of Man Catch Reports
    Hey guys over the last few years I have been doing some sea fishing over on the Nw and Ne coast and put a few videos together some are popular and I have been getting a few ppl ask me to continue to make some more please let me know what you think , thank mike...
  10. Rig Making Forum.
    What’s the best size of MUSTAD 31022D hooks to make Gummimakk rigs for Shetland 10/0 or 12/0? I also wondered if 4ft length with 2 lures on each, sounds correct. Thanks
  11. South East Catch Reports
    Got down to the Point yesterday and decided to fish 3 hours each side of the low tide. A gentle SW wind got my hopes up for an elusive cod. Having had a couple of sessions there already this year, I decided to use pulley Pennel rigs with 7/0 hooks on lug and squid cocktails, but guess what...
  12. North West & the Isle of Man Catch Reports
    Hey guys finally managed to get out to the west coast last night for a little session with good friend Ben and this is what we managed to get . Hope you enjoy
  13. Northern Ireland & Rep of Ireland Catch Reports
    So I live in Belfast and I want to catch my first cod this winter (It doesn't have to be a giant to make me happy) I was wondering if around Donagadee, Carrickfergus, Bangor, Brown's Bay etc. would have some cod. Is there any spots you guys would recommend, hopefully somewhere not too far away...
  14. Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    I'm new to sea fishing, (first season), and my initial equipment is Penn Squadron 2 12ft, Shakespear Affinity 8000. All going well and covered for the mackerel and bass fishing at Chesil this summer. I'm now looking for something to fish for Cod and some flatties, and from the searching I have...
  15. Scotland Catch Reports
    This year we have been quite limited and restrained but our passion is still there to say the least . The weather has been good so we went east . We have added some new faces in Central Scotland kayak anglers and our aim is to play safe on the water . Back to the sea then . Calm day , no...
  16. East Coast Catch Reports
    Hi - Decided to get back in to beachcasting this autumn/winter after 35 year gap. Used to fish Gorleston beach but it looks very different now, is it still ok? Live near Norwich (Brundall), any thoughts on a good place to start appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  17. Scotland Catch Reports
    Fishing is fun , little challenging at times with a few lesson to learn and bags of fresh air . We'r the kayakers . We enjoy the great outdoors and some exercise . This week it is the submarine lane near Helensburgh . Group kayaking is safe . Enjoy the video . Some fish , fun and the Trident...
  18. Europe
    Some available weeks for the coming season, Crazy Cod Camp, Norway - Ole
  19. South Coast & Channel Islands Catch Reports
    I wondered should I write this report or not because this happened two months ago but decided to do it anyway. Ordered one pound of blow lugs from Abbotsbury Fishing Tackle on Monday for weekend fishing session. Collected bait around 11 am on Saturday and what surprised me how big, lively and...
1-20 of 113 Results