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  1. Sully Spit 23/02/2020

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    So ventured out last night with a slight break in the weather, well the wind lol it hammered down. Low water was 01:20 am I was very excited and turned up at Lavernock at 9pm lol. So a tad bit of waiting to do before getting on the spit. Literally setup in front of the campsite and sent a...
  2. A codling on Skegness beach

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Fished Skegness beach 16/12/19 early morning high tide. Plenty of decent size whiting, a few dabs (mostly small) and a codling. Real suprise to catch one of these as this was my first trip sea fishing in 4 years. Worth a try getting out there at the moment. I did a short Youtube video on the...
  3. Return to Mersey

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Hi. I haven't wet a line since 1980 when it was free to roam the Liverpool docks and fish from the walls. The draw back to the water has never gone away so last November I bought a cheap Okuma 14 ft rod and a Penn 7000 reel and had a few chucks into the river hoping to bag a cod. Well Ive had...
  4. Luggy66 species hunt 2019

    Species Hunt 2019.
    Shore species codling
  5. Cullercoats prom then harbour.

    North East Catch Reports
    Wey me and jacky mannaged to grab a couple of hours and go fishing lastnite. Cullercoats harbour was the destination. High water was at 6.30pm we got there about an hour later to fish most of the ebb. Weve only ever fished there at low water so didn't know any high water marks of that area. We...
  6. Shore Fish Galore

    South West Catch Reports
    Two hours up and two down on a 10mtre tide at New Passage, Rag on a three hook flapper [no Lug left at Reel Fun - Portishead], and Squid on the 3/0 Pully Pennell Rig. Nibbling bites from the off; at times the rob tips looked like the keys on a wind-up piano, just had to wait/decide which to...
  7. CRASTER(Cullernose point)

    North East Catch Reports
    Me and my mate jacky went to cullernose point lastnite because weve both read reports about the place and it sounded a good fishing spot. Omg it was fantastic, the scenery was class and the sea was massive. We set off from jackys at about 5pm but after 5 mins on the road jacky realised he had...
  8. Shore Between da bridges 18.11.18

    South West Catch Reports
    Still some good Conger about at New Passage on Mackerel fillet, best about 10lb and a few Codling to 2lb on squid, [not black lug though]. There would have been more if "some of us" were to hook all the fish that were biting! I missed 3 BIG drop-backs.... 20ft+ of slack on worm and squid baits...
  9. Shore Upper BC Sunday 28.10.18

    South West Catch Reports
    Met up with Kriscnc and a few other hardy souls, [lunatics], that decided to brave the N.E. winds to throw bait into very choppy water this morning. Not a lot happening with just a small conger early on and a very small codling for me on squid/mackerel. Others had small codling to fresh worm...
  10. A hard week in Pembrokeshire

    LRF....*Light Rock Fishing*
    Just back from a week down at the in-laws in Pembrokeshire. Had gone down hoping to add to the species tally, but found the first couple of sessions a bit hard going, not least due to the weather as it was mostly chucking it down with rain or blowing a gale, or both! First session we fished the...
  11. Shore Portishead pier & battery point

    South West Catch Reports
    Well with all the best will in the world, me and @Carlie_Fpo didnt manage to get her kids and moving in time for a decent session on Sunday afternoon. so we ended up with a 1 up 1 down on portishead pier with the customary blank!:( So with bait to spare and the last "day" before my holiday...
  12. Shore penarth beach

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Just got back from Penarth Beach 6 small whiting, 2 very small codling(under 1lb) All returned Fished next to the first groyne to the right of the slipway. All fell to lug tipped with a sliver of squid on 2 hook flapper rigs with finewire 1/0 hooks, all caught within 1 1/2 hours of the high tide...
  13. Shore Drowned rat,

    South West Catch Reports
    Well with the Fpo giving her permission for a short session on Saturday evening, and having given a promise to take her youngest out with us, a short session at Severn beach was arranged. We got there about an hour or so before high, in a steady drizzle and a light Brezze it was looking like a...
  14. Something under rainbow

    South West Catch Reports
    Given the weather of late I'm starting to think of investing in a dry suit!, especially after getting wetter than a otters pocket sunday at battery point! I decided to fish battery point this weekend, so after finishing work on Saturday morning, I ordered my bait ready for picking up just...
  15. Shore Blank n the "beast"

    South West Catch Reports
    Part 1 Well after what seems like an eternity without being able to wet a line, what with working in retail and everybody buying enough food to feed not only their family's but every family within a ten mile radius (or at lest it feels like they could) when the stores are only closed for 1...
  16. 4lb(ish) cod from the Thames

    South East Catch Reports
    Caught a codling from the Thames at Woolwich today, using mackerel as bait. Nice srpise when all I expected was whiting.
  17. New on here.

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Evening all, This is my first time on a forum so please forgive any newbie mistakes. I've been fishing for over thirty years now and still making mistakes. I'd like to think I learn from them, I'd like to think I learn even when I blank. So why do I still blank ?? ??? I'm now in here to...