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  1. It can only get better . Gourock , Clyde estuary .

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Today we went to Gourock . It was really cold but the wind was kind . It was an interesting day . Cold weather , dealing with the swell and soft lure fishing . Have a look . Adding new species to the list . Truly cold but still enjoyable . Looking like ninja Ferry watching ...
  2. Fishing light . Winter in Scotland

    Kayak Angling Forum
    It's getting cold but the sea is inviting us . I have managed a small video : After a warming paddle we found some fish . Using lrf rods we found some sport . Found some wrasse too . lovely wrasse . A cold day out to play we finished with a sunset . Dinner sorted too , It's never...
  3. Shore Kicker 10

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    live Got here about half an hour ago. One of the reels has seized so that's gone back in the back to be serviced at home. Had one small fish so far. If it was a bit bigger I'd have called it a bassbut it was far too tiny so back it went. Usual rigs and usual place. If anything happens I'll...