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common skate

  1. Pb skate

    Scotland Catch Reports
    New pb for Me.. 188lb common skate 10mins to drag up Cheers to @staxigoe for helping gaff.. And the others who ain't on here
  2. skate

    Shore Angling
    Hello, I was planing a trip to scotland to try and catch a common skate of a good size. Any advice of location of best place and time of year to go. I will look around when im there just need an idea of the best place ish to travel to with shore fishing. And any advice on the rigs to use. This...
  3. Boat pb up north

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Had a session with my mate Robert on his boat the Patricia Rose... Left harbour and anchored 200m from the rocks after a wee steam .. 2 skate in 3 hours... 160lb and 172lb... Won't write the mark as the skate police will be gurning... (again) Hopefully into a 200lb fish soon.. Tight lines
  4. 188lb common skate

    North West & the Isle of Man Catch Reports
    so this happened while we where up at Scotland all in aid for cancer research uk. Hope you enjoy