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  1. Shore Perch Rock Rays and Conger 28/10/19

    North West & the Isle of Man Catch Reports
    Fished down to low on the big tide a couple of days back. Fairly quiet at first with just small whiting and dogfish coming out. Rays came on feed about 90 mins before low and I had of around 2lb and another just over 9lb. Just before low tip wrapped over again and a good scrap...
  2. Shore Conger Aberdeenshire?

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Fit Like Loons? Looking for someone who would be willing to help me catch my first conger, anyone up for the challenge? Cheers, Ronan
  3. Cappagh

    Northern Ireland & Rep of Ireland Catch Reports
    Fished it an hour before and two hours after. Bait: makeral and crab Rigs 6/0 circle pennel/ 10/0 running ledger steel trace. Fished it with two rods didn't get any bites until the tide turned and was dropping. First got a small codling on crab bait. Then on mack and crab got a nice thornie...
  4. Fixed spool reel for conger

    Beginners and Improvers
    Hi, I'm pretty new to sea fishing. I mainly enjoy spinning, but I'm interested in catching a conger this year. ----------------------------------------- For some context, I currently have three rods: 1)
  5. Shakespeare Agility Rough Ground Rod

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi all, Has anyone on here used the Shakespeare Agility 2 Rough Ground rod? Specifically the 13ft rough ground model. If so, what's it like; is it really an out-and-out rough ground rod (which is what I'm after), or is it a bit soft like the rest of the Agility range? Cheers, Brodie.
  6. Catch up of my years angling.

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Not posted a report in a long time. So heres a report of my trips so far this year..... I have had many trips sw this year and had some nice rays bass hounds huss and tope as well as dogs etc...biggest ray at 9lb 14oz hounds at the 8lb + range with some bass at the 5lb + mark and huss around 6lb...
  7. Shore Between da bridges 18.11.18

    South West Catch Reports
    Still some good Conger about at New Passage on Mackerel fillet, best about 10lb and a few Codling to 2lb on squid, [not black lug though]. There would have been more if "some of us" were to hook all the fish that were biting! I missed 3 BIG drop-backs.... 20ft+ of slack on worm and squid baits...
  8. Shore Upper BC Sunday 28.10.18

    South West Catch Reports
    Met up with Kriscnc and a few other hardy souls, [lunatics], that decided to brave the N.E. winds to throw bait into very choppy water this morning. Not a lot happening with just a small conger early on and a very small codling for me on squid/mackerel. Others had small codling to fresh worm...
  9. Boat Oystercat 14/01/2018

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Smallest of weather windows presented its self on Sunday; the tide was small, big westerly swell and wind were from the south-east, which meant fishing locally would be difficult to find somewhere where we'd hold reasonably well, so we headed over the other side to fish one of the wrecks...
  10. Shore East coast of Scotland conger

    Scotland Catch Reports
    Hi all I'm from Arbroath and there are plenty cod and flatties here but I fancy trying something a bit different. Has anyone had any luck catching conger on the east coast of Scotland? if so where?
  11. Imax FR Match Extreme

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    Hi all, I'm looking for opinions on the above rod. I am wondering how it compares to the Leeda Icon Ultra Power or RT Axe. I would be using the rod over rough ground with a SL30SH in the low reel position, using large baits and 5/6oz leads to target large Huss and Congers- is the Imax suitable...
  12. Boat Oystercat 15/10/2017

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    The forecast was for a small lull between 2 periods of strong wind, as the forecast was for Southerly winds and it fell on a small tide we opted to head over the other side of the channel to make the most of the shelter the land would offer. We left on the first lock, arriving at the wreck we...
  13. Fishing for smoothhound, Dogfish and Conger

    South East Catch Reports
    Hi guys I'm just getting back into fishing, i live in essex and normally fish from canvey island and generally get the odd small bass/ whiting I really want Beach fish for smoothhound dogfish and conger is there anywhere on the kent coast you can get that sort of variety? Or anywhere localish I...
  14. Shore The night Mudsta stole the show, DOUBLE BASS VIDEO!!!

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    We cast and watch our tips, Lightened are our eyes, The rain is on our lips, We do not fish for prize, We know those whom we trust, And whitherward we fare, We fish because we must, In the cold damp air. The waters of the seas, Are troubled as by storm, The tempest strips the trees, And does...
  15. Kayaks and Conger

    Scotland Catch Reports
    We love kayak fishing . Our latest trip took us up to the highland of Scotland , and our plan was to fish throughout the night . At arrival the weather condition was not perfect it was getting dark , the rain was persistent and the strong wind was cutting across . The essential requirement for...
  16. Boat Oystercat 02-08/04/2017

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    02/04/2017 The locks were closed for 2 weeks; so the 2nd of April was the first trip out in Swansea in a couple of weeks. Only 3 of us on board so we had plenty of space. We started the day in Oxwich - normally we'd try drifting around this time of year to avoid the dogfish, but as there was...
  17. Boat Oystercat 31/12/16 02 & 08/01/2017

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    31-12-2016 New years eve we decided to have a run over to the other side for a change. We left Swansea on the first lock, arriving in blue anchor bay at around 9am. Bites came pretty quickly with a few small thornbacks, conger and whiting - but bites died off after a few hours, so we moved a...
  18. Boat Oystercat 17-18-27/12/2016

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    17th: A fairly late start @ 8:30am, it was the day after my works due so I didn't think it would be wise to start too early! Thankfully as we made our way out into the bay it was mirror flat!! So the hangover wouldn't be amplified by the boat slopping around. We started the day on a small bit...
  19. inshore - 50yds out !

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Friday evening we ventured down The Haven with a hardy crew of 4 top local anglers. From the start we caught a few Rays and thankfully not too many of the trusty dogs ! Some good whiting showed, I got the kettle on and we settled in for a steady, pleasant evening. Soon the shout went up, net...
  20. Boat Oystercat 21-22/10/2016

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Friday's forecast was fantastic - as we're quickly approaching the clocks going back and the marina returning to weekday's last lock of 7:30pm I want to take the opportunity to do an evening trip. In short, the trip was a bit of a dud, we had lots of jumbo pout, whiting and dogs, but only 1...