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  1. Catch, cook and eat!

    Cooking your catch
    Hi guys!!! A little advice needed!!! I mainly fish chesiel beach a few times a month, 99% of everything I catch is put straight back! On the very rare occasions I do decide to take something home im always worried as to how to keep it fresh and still edible the next day!!! I usually fish from...
  2. Catch n Cook Carp

    Carp and Coarse
    Hi everyone, I thought I’d share a funny video that I spent some time putting together covering the very controversial topic of HOW TO CATCH & COOK CARP. I bet you're Curious?? Watch and enjoy a step by step instructional guide on catching carp. Things turn a little crazy as I throw in plenty...
  3. An unusually way to cook wings----wings with Coca Cola!(the easiest way!)

    Cooking your catch
    I don't know if I can post a recipe that not talking about fish....It is a easy way to cook chicken wings! Even if you never have cooked before,you can cook it perfectly!And the material is very common!I don't know if you like it.It tastes a little sweet,but I can assure you it's really...