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  1. Hemsby 28th march 2019

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Got to the beach earlier today at around 1 pm abd fished on the ebb tide Fished same as yesterday with sandeel and squid on a paternoster rig bit today jist a few missed bites and one whiting.. Went down earlier because the sun was out and eas a lovley day but rest of week ive fished the flood...
  2. Just Hating crabs

    North East Catch Reports
    Hi lads just thought I would write a little bit about my worst nightmare in fishing "the crab" coz I'm off work at the minute, cant leave the house to do any fishing and I've watched that much Ta fishing, me and greame are good palls in me dreams haha. I just wonder if any of yous hate them as...
  3. Warkworth pier for begginers

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Well im brandnew to pier/shore/beach fishing and last week decided to go to amble(warkworth side) pier. Me and my friend jacky took 2 rods(£20 ebay specials), 2 tripod seats and a box with a few ready made rigs, weights and bait, thinking we were going to catch loads of fish haha loads of cheap...
  4. Cornish crabs?

    South West Catch Reports
    I am coming down to Cornwall next week for a fishing trip/break. I always take my crab pots and always get loads of velvet crabs but I never seem to catch any shore crabs for bait. If I was to use the velvet crabs I would have bucket loads of them but I hear they are not very good for bait. So...
  5. My presentation!

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Good nights fishermen! I appear, my name is Víctor and have decided to join this forum principally to become tanned in this art of the sports fishing, and secondly to inaugurate my channel dedicated to it together with more experiences in the nature. In spite of taking a few years going fishing...