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  1. Europe
    Hi Ladies and Gents, I am looking for that secret spot (I promise I will keep it a secret) in Crete Chania and/or Matala to do some fishing. Any advice on where would be a good location I am mobile. We are also getting a boat for a day to go to Balos beach so planning on doing some trolling...
  2. New Member Introductions Forum
    Hi everyone! really excited I’ve found this forum. In about a week I’m coming to Crete more specifically Chania and Matala. I’m absolutely obsessed with sea fishing whether it be shore and offshore (preferably off shore). I’m wondering if anyone is up for meeting up and doing some fishing. I...
  3. Europe
    anyone got any advice for fishing in Crete? Thinking of going there in early September, but worried there will be no fish
1-3 of 3 Results