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  1. Advise for Jibacoa Cuba

    Rest of the World
    Guys Looking for some tips on where and what to take with me. Tia Dale
  2. Cayo Guillermo YouTube video.

    Rest of the World
    Hi guys. I've put a video on YouTube from May when we were last there. I'm no Alfred Hitchcock when it comes to movies (he's far better looking) so be lenient with me. Heres the link.....
  3. Cayo Guillermo in September

    Rest of the World
    Hi there, I´ll be in Cayo Guillermo from 23. Sept. for 2 weeks (Melia hotel) and looking for someone sharing some fishing moments. Will have a Fly rod as well as a spinning rod with me. Shared guiding would be an option, too. Anyone out there? tight lines Michael
  4. Salt water sea fishing reel and line advice

    Tackle & Equipment Discussions
    I am looking for a new reel. I have managed with my freshwater reels so far because I haven't got to hook into anything for a combination of reasons while fishing cayo guillermo. I am hoping to put a few things right and get a better weeks fishing. I need a reel that is capable of holding a good...
  5. Any new info on Cuba after Hurricane Irma

    Saltwater Fly Fishing Forum
    Scheduled to go to Cayo Guillermo in April, 2018. Has anyone fished that area after Hurricane Irma, any new and recent reports? Also I have been trying to get ahold of fishing guide Orlando Gonzalez but he’s not answering his email or text messages on his phone. Has anyone talked to him or had...
  6. DIY CUBA?!

    Saltwater Fly Fishing Forum
    Hello fellas, In Feburary/March 2018 I'm going to Cuba. I'm planning on spending a month and a bit backpacking ect. I am highly renowned among experts and novices as a Master Salmon flyfisher man, and have earned the nickname "Springer's Bane" back in Scotland... only joking, but i enjoy it a...
  7. Advice? Cayo coco.

    Beginners and Improvers
    I've just joined this forum and have very little experience with sea fishing, very experienced with cayo and catfish, used to work in Spain as a tour guide. Just got married and going on honeymoon to cayo coco, Cuba on June 21st for 14 nights and want to do some fishing. I've just bought a 2.7m...
  8. Newish to fishing, going to Cuba on first fishing trip

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Alright everyone? I have been on and off fishing for a while. My older brother has been in to it all his life and I have tagged along really, never wanting to take the plunge and buy my own kit until recently. After leaving the forces I have ended up in a job with a lot more free time that I'm...
  9. MY Bad! Very belated intro

    Newbie Introduction Forum
    Bones sk 01 skinny guy from Saskatchewan Canada hoping I'm the only one. Anyway have been lurking and posting on Rest of World site as it seems to fit as many members come to North America and the chances are better that I may be able to get to some of the places you folks are coming to visit...
  10. Need information on Cuba

    Rest of the World
    Hi I'm traveling to Cuba on 1 of July for 14 days. I would like to get some information i checked most of the posts about Cuba on the forum. I still have some questions i would be very thankful for any kind of information. The main questions is do i need a license if i want to fish from the...