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  1. Rest of the World
    Hey guys, I'm heading over to Mexico and Costa Rica on a family vacation. Unfortunately I will be fishing on my own so hiring a $1000 boat for the day isn't an option. I was wondering if anybody knows of affordable boats around these areas. I'm very experienced and will be bringing my own...
  2. Rest of the World
    Hey Guys - I apologize as it has been a few years since my last visit here to WSF. We have been very lucky as we have been busy operating, and expanding the lodge, over the past few years with some good success...and the fishing has been pretty good too! The recent virus situation has shut the...
  3. Rest of the World
    MARCH 2017 - QUEPOS COSTA RICA FISHING REPORT We have just finished an excellent month Fishing in Costa Rica and a huge thank you to those that Fished with us this month for making it all possible! The main highlights for us in March was the excellent Roosterfish action with lots of Fish in...
1-3 of 3 Results