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  1. Rest of the World
    Hello all, been a long time I have not posted a report here so please allow me to post the pictures of the first group to visit the Panafishing lodge in 2020. As always, all fish caught on artificials, we are the only fishing lodge in Central America that fish 100% lures. 100% popping and...
  2. Rest of the World
    Hi guys. I've put a video on YouTube from May when we were last there. I'm no Alfred Hitchcock when it comes to movies (he's far better looking) so be lenient with me. Heres the link.....
  3. Rest of the World
    Below are some pictures of some of the best catch of the 2015/16 season that started in November and just ended. I hope you will enjoy seeing them. The Panafishing lodge operates in the heart of the Tuna Coast of Panama, a non-famed area that sits between the well known Gulf of Chiriqui and...
1-3 of 3 Results