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  1. Local mark high tide

    North East Catch Reports
    Me and jacky had a couple of hours out lastnite, I had been getting excited building loads of plaice rigs(with all the green and black beads coz they look like muscles what the plaice eat) this week only to be told theres no plaice in our area till about may haha. That's what I get for watching...
  2. Cullercoats prom then harbour.

    North East Catch Reports
    Wey me and jacky mannaged to grab a couple of hours and go fishing lastnite. Cullercoats harbour was the destination. High water was at 6.30pm we got there about an hour later to fish most of the ebb. Weve only ever fished there at low water so didn't know any high water marks of that area. We...
  3. Cullercoats

    North East Catch Reports
    Lastnite me and jacky went to cullercoats(thanks to this forum its helped us find some fantastic marks). There's a free carpark strait opposite the harbour so we parked there and walked strait down onto the beach, across the beach and up and over the south breakwater onto the rocks. We got there...