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  1. Trunch Lane 17/01/2020

    East Coast Catch Reports
    With the strong winds finally dropping, decided to give it a go. High water at 11.07 am, 6.0 high tide, fished 2 hours either side of high tide. The sea was fairly flat, a bit of weed for first 20 minutes but not too bad. Whiting were average size 27cm with a few at 34-35cm. Ended up with 12...
  2. North Beach

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Rigs used: 2 hook loop rig with size 1 hooks Bait: squid and some rashes of bacon I had left over in the fridge. No weed thank goodness first cast we had Whitings & Dabs every Chuck on squid, started to run low on bait so I used the little bit of squid left over and some bacon to make a...
  3. North Beach Great Yarmouth

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Rigs used: A short loop rig with size 2 hooks A 2up flapper rig size 4 hooks with Bonebass gums for attraction. Time: Fished from the low tide 6:30am up to high tide around 8:15am Fish Caught: 4 Smooth Hounds 1 Dogfish 6 whiting (all sizable) 3 Dabs Bait Used: Unwashed squid...
  4. Salthouse 14-12-2018

    East Coast Catch Reports
    Rocked up about 13:00 as I had to go around the houses looking for some bait due to driving all the way from London to Rite Tackle only to find it SHUT for maintenance. I was spitting blood as I had no bait at all and was thinking about just throwing the towel in and going back home down south...
  5. Boat Oystercat 30-31/03/2018

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Good Friday - 30th Did a very long range wrecking trip; fishing was fairly slow, a dozen or so pollack, some jumbo pout and a few grey gurnard. Surprisingly we had a few pollack that still had live 3-4inch scad in their mouths; while this isn't unusual in the summer, it seems very early for...
  6. Boat Oystercat 27-29/10/2017

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    27th The weather forecast was poor for the weekend, the forecast showed we'd have a spell of good weather Friday evening, so I organized an evening trip. Thankfully the forecast was accurate; the weather and sea state was good. We locked out at 5 pm - fishing was just ok, lots of dogs, plenty...
  7. Boat Oystercat 02-08/04/2017

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    02/04/2017 The locks were closed for 2 weeks; so the 2nd of April was the first trip out in Swansea in a couple of weeks. Only 3 of us on board so we had plenty of space. We started the day in Oxwich - normally we'd try drifting around this time of year to avoid the dogfish, but as there was...
  8. Boat Oystercat 15/01/17

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    The SYSAC Cod Comp was cancelled (and rightfully so) but being a bigger boat, we kept the trip available because 1) the forecast was ok for us to head out, with a few restrictions where we could go; 2) I had a ton of worm ordered and didn't to bail on that; so had a few lb of prime back lug to...
  9. Hythe Flattie bash

    South East Catch Reports
    Dabtastic session at Hythe. Lots of small dabs and whiting.
  10. Boat Oystercat 23/04/2016

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    We often joke when one of my 'big fish' (conger, spurs, tope etc) or long range trips ends up only being 3-4 of us that if I put it down as a dab trip then the boat would fill its self - unfortunately my ego to took a bit of a hit on Saturday as I proposed a flatty trip down to Oxwich, but could...
  11. Shore Totally Awesome Fishing

    South Coast & CI Catch Reports
    This guy is a bit nuts. But Graham and Tony give good tips for flatfish. He was fishing in Eastbourne so thought I'd post it on the south coast forum. Catch report and tips for using lugworm for flat fish. Tight lines
  12. Boat Oystercat 25/03/2016

    South & West Wales Catch Reports
    Friday is the only day of the bank holiday weekend that was remotely fishable, one of the other skippers already had his name down to take a trip, so I put my name down to join the trip - all I had to do was show up and fish. 7:30am saw us almost leaving one of the anglers in the marina, but...
  13. Kings Lynn Snettisham and Heacham

    Shore Angling
    Hi all, am new to this site and flat fishing, Would appreciate some update advice if Kings Lynn to Heacham is any good at the moment. I live on the little Ouse so only know predator tactics. My wife bought me a beach caster so would like to give flat fish a go. Thanks